Dumpster Fire: Week 3 Picks


No, I’m not talking about the Bills, or the woes of the kicking game all throughout the NFL. I’m talking about my picks! By not overreacting to week 1, I apparently decided to ignore the signs. Its impossible to know that the Bills will have a guy retire at halftime, but what were the odds they would actually play better after he quit?

Week 3 is always crucial. You can still make the playoffs at 0-2, 0-3 is pushing it. Some teams remain without hope, I’m looking at you Buffalo. Other teams, like Pittsburgh, remain a mystery. The Steelers defense has been slipping for years, and this year the unit appears below average once again. However, Mike Tomlin always plugs enough holes to get them playing competitive football into January.

Look at Cleveland covering the spread two weeks in a row. Vegas overreacted and has a team that hasn’t won since 2016 as a three point favorite tonight.

Two weeks of football, and two ties. Who could figure? I can’t. That’s for sure.

Overall Record: 15-15

Picks in CAPS

JETS (+3) at Browns

Saints at FALCONS (-3)

49ers at CHIEFS (-7)

Raiders at DOLPHINS (-3)

BILLS at Vikings (-17)

Colts at EAGLES (-7)

PACKERS at Redskins (+2.5)

Bengals at PANTHERS (-2.5)

Titans at JAGUARS (Even)

BRONCOS at Ravens (-5)

Giants at TEXANS (-7)

CHARGERS at Rams (-7.5)

Bears at CARDINALS (+7)

Cowboys at SEAHAWKS (Even)

Patriots at LIONS (+7)

STEELERS at Bucs (Even)

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