Underreacting: NFL Week 2


I didn’t post my picks in week 1 for a variety of reasons, but that doesn’t mean I, or Yahoo Sports, didn’t keep track. Somehow I cobbled together a 10-5 record, no thanks to a dreaded back door push by the Texans.

Week 1 is always unpredictable, yet fans immediately overreact to whatever happens. Sam Darnold is destined for the hall of fame, and the Matt Patricia era in Detroit is already a disaster. Jon Gruden should have stayed in the booth and the Rams are destined for the Super Bowl.

All of those statements may be accurate, but odds are week 2 will dispel a few of those notions, leaving us with more questions than answers. But, alas, we steel ourselves, and soldier on.

Pick is in CAPS

PANTHERS at Falcons (-6)

The Falcons offense remains nothing short of constipated under Steve Sarkisian. Although I wouldn’t lay last weeks offensive failures at his feet, its not his fault that Matt Ryan devolved over the offseason into a poor man’s Chad Pennington. The Panthers beat the Cowboys in the kind of boring slugfest they are so fond of. This line feels like it should be 3 or 4, not 6.

Chargers (-8.5) at BUFFALO

A home team as an 8.5 point underdog is the epitome of an overreaction. The Ravens proved last night they aren’t that good, and I bet the Bills aren’t that bad either. Josh Allen gets his first start against a hobbled Chargers defense that has to fly across the country to play in the aging hot confines of whatever they are calling Rich Stadium these days. Bills cover and maybe even win.

Vikings at PACKERS (Even)

I think we all know how this goes. If 12 is in there, Packers likely aren’t losing at home.

TEXANS at Titans (Even)

Vegas doesn’t even know what to think about this game. The Titans aren’t any good, but we don’t know anything about the Texans yet. Playing the Patriots marginally tough in early September isn’t a badge of honor. Texans are the more talented and stable team, so they should win….right?

BROWNS at Saints (-10)

The Saints give up 48 at home to Ryan Fitzpatrick and still are 10 point favorites against the Browns. However, Cleveland has been a sneaky good team at covering the spread under One Win Hue, and I think they do it again on Sunday.

Dolphins @ JETS (-2.5)

To steal my favorite line from Karl Malone, the Jets defense was very “purposeful with their moments” against Detroit. They played like a team in their fourth year in a scheme, without hesitation. Credit to the Jets for sticking with Bowles after two 5-11 seasons. With a rookie qb, this season is by no means a guaranteed success, but the Jets played Monday like a cohesive team, and Darnold was unfazed by any mistakes that he made.

CHIEFS at Steelers (-5)

I should know better than picking a road team in Pittsburgh to cover, especially one with a young qb. But hell, they’ve got the wrong team favored!

EAGLES (-3) at Buccaneers

If there is one thing we know, its that Ryan Fitzpatrick will follow a lights out performance with an absolute dud. Eagles should feast on the Bucs.

Colts at REDSKINS (-6)

The Colts have a long way to go and the Redskins are a legitimate playoff team. The Colts roster was a disaster after the Ryan Grigson era, and six wins should be an achievement this year, eight, and Andrew Luck should win MVP. Redskins are rock solid all the way around. Nothing spectacular, just good football.

CARDINALS at Rams (-13.5)

Short week for the Rams, easy win, lots of accolades. Divisional rival in town coming off a blowout home loss. Cardinals will make them sweat a little.

Detroit at 49ERS (-5.5)

Detroit isn’t as bad as they looked, but that doesn’t mean they win here.

Giants at COWBOYS (-3)

This game is always on Sunday Night Football, and its always a clunky weird game that stutters its way to an entertaining conclusion.

SEAHAWKS at Bears (-3)

Both of these teams are an enigma. The Bears looked unbeatable in the first half and very beatable in the second. The Seahawks looked…average. Both teams forgot about the run game last week, and paid for it. The Seahawks tend to do well on prime time, as they play fast and loose. Bears have a lot of players, but I’m not buying that coaching staff yet.