Aritzia #2142 - Bellevue Square - 575 Bellevue Square, Bellevue WA, 98004 Tracking/Workorder #: rfp13186405

"Debrand" old store - Jan 22-24 Daytime hours ok

All must be approved by: Kemper Development Company 425-454-8096 May Kane

Remove the following:
1. hanging racks and dispose approx 50% - the rest will be reclaimed Remove millwork,
2. backlit mirror and dispose
3. Storefront Signage and dispose
4. 2 framed mirrors and dispose
5. mirrored wall and dispose
6. cash desk, drawers & hardware from staff desk & dispose
7. fitting rooms
8. An additional estimate to paint the walls can be included as well. 
9. Benches

1. Hanging Racks

Store 4.jpg

There are 10 bays like the ones circles in blue. They will require a phillips head to remove. Half will be discarded. Half will be kept and 3rd party movers will take. 

2. Backlit Mirror

Backlit Mirror 1.jpg
Backlit Mirror 2.jpg

This is a large mirror, easily 8-10' across. Sorry for not being more specfic. The lady giving me the walk through was pressed for time and impatient. I didn't have time to be diligent. Maybe I didn't have the confidence or experience? No matter. It's another 8' high or so. Mirror can be damaged. She recommended breaking the mirror and then destroying the frame. The backlit lights need to be removed and then capped. 

3. Storefront Signage

Big Sign 1.jpg
large Sign 2.jpg
Small Sign.jpg

Two signs. One big. One small. Both seems really easy. 

4. Two Framed Mirrors

Hang Mirror 1.jpg
Hang Mirror 2.jpg

These need to be removed. She recommended a two person team, as they're heavy. Simple hanging, up and off. Then DESTROYED!

5. Mirrored Wall 

Wall Mirror 1.jpg
Wall Mirror 2.jpg

Mirrored wall is affixed ...somehow. There is grout between the pieces if that helps. If we get the painting bid, we'll have to patch and repaint where it was. 

6. Cash Box

Cash Desk 1.jpg
Cash Desk 2.jpg

Another estimate snafu. Didn't measure this. It's probably 12-16' long and can be broken up into two sections. The lady said she would be providing coasters to remove it.

7. Fitting Rooms 

Fit Rooms.jpg

Not really affixed to anything, just placed in position. Can be destroyed and disposed. 

8. Painting

This the crazy part. The store is about 100' long and 30' wide, and 10' high, and just the walls and trim need to be painted. She voluntarily recommended doing a primer coat and then one top coat. There is wood trim in the very back that is staying wood trim and there are some cement cinderblocks that do not need to be painting. Nor the ceiling. Otherwise, it doesn't matter if it is glossy trim or wallpaper (not removed, just prime and paint!), or whatever, just prime and paint it. There is an area behind the cashbox that is wood, needs to be primed and painted. Here is a pic dump. 

Store 2.jpg
Store 3.jpg
Store 4.jpg
Store 5.jpg
Store 6.jpg

9. Benches

There are 6 slatted big benches that need to go. They are in all the pics. 

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