MLB Pick'Em 07/07

We are having an interesting week figuring out where we are at as far as picks and records. We will figure it out. In the meantime here are today's picks. Tomorrow we will update the records.

Pirates (Williams) vs Cubs (Butler)

Still don’t trust Trevor Williams. This one has a Cubs win written all over it.

Pick: Cubs

Padres (Richard) vs Phillies (Pivetta)

Can I just pass on this one. These are the two worst teams in baseball. I guess I am going to go with the Padres in this one.

Pick: Padres

Braves (Dickey) vs Nationals (Scherzer)

A 40 something year old knuckleballer vs one of the best pitchers in the game. Easiest pick of the day right here.

Pick: Nationals

Brewers (Guerra) vs Yankees (Montgomery)

The Brewers still lead the N.L Central. They are now 4.5 games up on the Cubs. The Yankees have fallen to 3.5 games behind the Red Sox. These teams are going in opposite directions. That will continue today.

Pick: Yankees

Astros (Morton) vs Blue Jays (Sanchez)

The Astros are on the road. The Astros are 31-10 on the road. I am picking the Astros today.

Pick: Astros

Red Sox (Pomeranz) vs Rays (Odorizzi)

I guess I’m still jaded from Drew Pomeranz blowing up my fantasy team a couple years ago. I didn’t know he was doing this well this year. I will pick Pomeranz to get the win today.

Pick: Red Sox

Tigers (Zimmermann) vs Indians (Carrasco)

This is an easy pick too. Jordan Zimmermann is done as a starting pitcher in my opinion. Carlos Carrasco is just finding his. Give me the Indians.

Pick: Indians

Angels (Nolasco) vs Rangers (Hamels)

I still can’t believe that Ricky Nolasco was the opening day pitcher for the Angels. I know they don’t have the best pitching staff but that is absurd.

Pick: Rangers

Orioles (Gausman) vs Twins (Jorge)

Kevin Gausman is coming off his best outing of the season. I think that will continue in his last start before the break.

Pick: Orioles

Mets (DeGrom) vs Cardinals (Martinez)

The Cardinals got an unlucky break here in going from Zack Wheeler to Jacob DeGrom because of the rainout yesterday. Advantage Mets.

Pick: Mets

White Sox (Holland) vs Rockies (Marquez)

Derek Holland at Coors Field? Sign me up!

Pick: Rockies

Reds (Adleman) vs Diamondbacks (Greinke)

Today is a day of easy decisions. I like that. Probably means it will blow up in my face, but we shall see.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Royals (Hammel) vs Dodgers (Maeda)

The Royals got right with a three game sweep of the Mariners earlier this week. Now they play a real team.

Pick: Dodgers

Athletics (Manaea) vs Mariners (Paxton)

The Mariners have lost 8 straight games at home. They are limping into the break. Paxton rights the ship against Oakland today.

Pick: Mariners

Marlins (Straily) vs Giants (Moore)

Giants. Ugh.

Pick: Marlins