MLB Pick'Em 07/03

Two days into July and we are two games under .500. Not a great start but something we can easily rebound from. We are a week away from the All-Star break and we would like to be 20 games over for July by then. It starts today. But first, the results from yesterday.

July 2nd Results

Rays vs Orioles, pick Rays, LOST
Giants vs Pirates, pick Giants, WON
Red Sox vs Blue Jays, pick Blue Jays, LOST
Cubs vs Reds, pick Cubs, WON
Indians vs Tigers, pick Tigers, LOST
Phillies vs Mets, pick Phillies, WON
Marlins vs Brewers, pick Brewers, LOST
Rangers vs White Sox, pick White Sox, WON
Yankees vs Astros, pick Yankees, LOST
Nationals vs Cardinals, pick Nationals, WON
Twins vs Royals, pick Twins, LOST
Rockies vs Diamondbacks, pick Diamondbacks, WON
Braves vs Athletics, pick Athletics, LOST
Mariners vs Angels, pick Mariners, WON
Dodgers vs Padres, pick Dodgers, LOST

Yesterday’s Picks: 7-8

Hoopfest 2017: 0-30
Guest Picks: 17-11
Monthly Picks: 15-17
Yearly Picks: 657-575

Here are today's picks:

Orioles (Miley) vs Brewers (Suter)

This is the Wade Miley I got used too as a Mariner fan last year. He has not gotten out of the sixth inning in any of his previous five starts. That is what I expected from him this year, not the near all-star stuff he was doing the first six weeks of the season. I think that continues today and the Brewers get Brent Suter his first Major League win.

Pick: Brewers

Mets (Matz) vs Nationals (Strasburg)

Strasburg owns the Mets. I can’t see any reason to pick against him and the Nationals in this one.

Pick: Nationals

Blue Jays (Stroman) vs Yankees (Tanaka)

Marcus Stroman had a great June, and looks to continue his torrid run. Once again the Jays are floundering and it is up to Stroman to get them back on track. I think he does that once again today. Stroman outduels Tanka and the Jays take game one of this division series.

Pick: Blue Jays

Pirates (Nova) vs Phillies (Nola)

Alliteration aside, I actually think the Nova-Nola, Pirates-Phillies matchup will be a good one. I am higher on both of these pitchers than most people, especially Aaron Nola. He is so close to putting it all together. That being said I think I am going to go with Nova and the Pirates today. But it will be close.

Pick: Pirates

Marlins (Locke) vs Cardinals (Wainwright)

Jeff Locke gets the anti Alex Wood treatment. I am picking Wood until he loses. I am picking against Locke until he wins.

Pick: Cardinals

Red Sox (Porcello) vs Rangers (Perez)

I wonder if a reigning Cy Young winner has ever led their league in losses the next year. Rick Porcello could be well on his way after picking up loss #11 in the Texas heat today.

Pick: Rangers

Angels (Meyer) vs Twins (Mejia)

I am close to being able to pick Alex Meyer and feel comfortable about it. He had a good June but still walks way too many batters for my liking. That will cause him to get his pitch count up and get to the Angels bullpen early, which is definitely not a strength of this team. That is why I am picking the Twins to win today.

Pick: Twins

Reds (Castillo) vs Rockies (Hoffman)

Luis Castillo has pitched in two games in his career. In his third he gets to face the Rockies at Coors Field. I don’t like that for him. I think he will be a good Major League pitcher, but today will not be his day.

Pick: Rockies

White Sox (Rodon) vs Athletics (Cotton)

I don’t like either one of these pitchers. Carlos Rodon hasn’t pitched much this year so I don’t have a lot to go on. Jharel Cotton has pitched a lot this year so I do have quite a bit of information on him. That is why I am picking the White Sox today.

Pick: White Sox

Royals (Kennedy) vs Mariners (Moore)

I made a mistake in not picking the Mariners rookie when he made his debut a couple weeks ago. I will not be making the same mistake today.

Pick: Mariners