Leaked Script from Top Gun 2 "Hypertube to a Terror Sector"

It was recently reported that a sequel to the 1986 summer blockbuster "TOP GUN" is in the works. Paramount and Tom Cruise are in the same bed once more making sweet, sweet, afterburner love. Some like it hot and fiery, preferably coming out of the rear-end--of an airplane, I mean. 

There will be spoilers in this article regarding the sequel.

If you're anything like me, this means that the devil now owns your soul. Hope he treats it with the lack of respect it deserves. I first offered my soul to the devil way back in 1994 when I was only 8 years old I was but a pup who yearned to see Maverick once more fly through the skies with his hair on fire in an F-14 Tomcat. Now, though, I'm 31 and wondering how the movie will live up to the original splendor. I mean, there's no such thing as dogfighting these days. Drones do most of the dirty work and if there is a pilot, they're escorting Air Force One or using lasers to blow up mountain sides. 

Luckily for us all, I was able to access a few pages of the new script. It only two scenes, fairly early into the movie based on the page numbers, but it still tells us a lot. Below is the first scene:

First off, it appears the movie is really hitting on some same gears as the original. Same orientation scene, but we learn that it is a new kind of Top Gun and that the old Top Gun no longer exists. Also of importance is that the new Top Gun Academy is solely focused on teaching pilots when it is appropriate to pull the trigger on a terrorist target. 

The next scene centers around Maverick reaching into his old bag of tricks and buzzing another tower. We are introduced to his RIO, which is a form of artificial intelligence named "Watson". 

Wow, Viper, I mean, Mamba really lays into Maverick. It's interesting that he was able to put Watson on mute. Like Watson might not have been on Maverick's side if it were able to talk. There's a couple throwbacks to the original movie in this scene as well. The tower commander getting coffee, Starbucks Coffee, to be specific, being spilled on him. As well as Watson joking about changing careers, much the same way Goose talked about going to trucking school. 

Also important is that the beginning of the scene exposes the aircraft Maverick will be flying. It is the F-35 Lightning II. You may recognize it from the many articles that have mocked the billions, that right, billions of dollars going into the aircraft. In Top Gun 2's universe, the aircraft is up and running and Maverick takes it on a fun test-drive. 

Stay tuned and keep visiting hurryandyell.com to stay up to date on the movie. Hopefully more scenes will be leaked in the near future!