College Football Countdown: Day 54 - Wyoming

Today we head over 7,000 feet above sea level to Laramie, Wyoming. 

School: University of Wyoming

Mascot: Cowboys

Fight Song: Fight Wyoming Fight

Head Coach: Craig Bohl (118-56, 14-24 at Wyoming)

Stadium: War Memorial Stadium (Capacity: 29,181)

Best Place to Eat on Campus:

Laramie is a fine place where your author spent a 4th of July once. The Crowbar and Grill has great food along with a fine name. They serve Poutine too, one of those weird, underrated foods that tastes great and you are never entirely comfortable with that fact. 

Greatest Moment in Program History:

Wyoming, despite the fact that they play in the Mountain West, which for years meant that they would always be second fiddle to BYU, has had some fine teams.  Unfortunately, Wyoming's presence on YouTube is not a detailed one. So, here we have a rare bowl win over Karl Dorrell's UCLA Bruins. 

Current State of the Program: 

I could go on for a thousand words on how much I enjoy Craig Bohl's coaching style and running game. They pull guards, centers, tackles, exotic smashmouth before Mike Malarkey tried to brand his mediocre Tennessee Titans squads. The cleanup from the talented, but hormonal Dave Christensen squads took a few years, and last year, Bohl broke through with an eight win season.  Bohl is a fantastic coach who won multiple titles at North Dakota State.  His Wyoming teams should continue to improve. 

Prediction: 9-3

at Iowa - W

vs Gardner - Webb - W

vs Oregon - L

vs Hawaii - W

vs Texas State - W

at Utah State - W

at Boise State - L

vs New Mexico - L

vs Colorado State - W

at Air Force - W

vs Fresno State - W

at San Jose State - W