MLB Pick'Em 07/14

Welcome to the second half of the baseball season! Most teams have played between 87 and 91 games (with the exception being the Angels, who have played 92) so we are actually over half way done. So far there have been 1326 games played. Our current record is below. Onto the Picks!

Hoopfest 2017: 0-30
Guest Picks: 17-11
First half record: 712-614
Yearly Picks: 712-614


Cubs (Montgomery) vs Orioles (Gausman)

The Cubs need to start playing better baseball. Period. I find it interesting that of all the big money pitchers they have, they are choosing to have Mike Montgomery start the first game after the All-Star break. He has been one of their most consistent pitchers for the Cubs this year. For the Orioles, Gausman has been consistent as well. Consistently bad. I think the Cubs take this one.

Pick: Cubs

Cardinals (Leake) vs Pirates (Cole)

The start of the second half finds both of these teams in similar situations. They are both under .500 but still holding out hope for playoff spot because a with a good run they can catch the Brewers. I personally think that this division will still end up in the Cubs hands when it’s all said and done, but I think the Cardinals have some fight left in them. I think they get the win over the Pirates today.

Pick: Cardinals

Jays (Sanchez) vs Tigers (Verlander)

Both of these teams had higher hopes coming into the season than their current record indicates. Both of these teams had their fair share of injuries, and if both teams sell come the trade deadline they have a lot of talented pieces to make it interesting. In this game I am giving the edge to Sanchez and the Blue Jays.

Pick: Blue Jays

Dodgers (McCarthy) vs Marlins (Straily)

The Dodgers are the best team in baseball. I don’t think they win 110 games like some people are predicting, but I don think they will have the most wins come the end of the season. With two other good teams in their division that is quite impressive. Today they start the second half like the ended the first half. Winning games.

Pick: Dodgers

Nationals (Gonzalez) vs Reds (Adleman)

Perhaps the only team that can challenge the Dodgers in the National League for the #1 seed is the Washington Nationals. The Nationals have more holes than the Dodgers do, specifically in the bullpen. That won’t matter in today’s game, but it could down the road.

Pick: Nationals

Rockies (Gray) vs Mets (DeGrom)

The Mets are bad when anyone other than Jacob DeGrom pitches. When DeGrom pitches, the Mets turn into a team few want to play. I like DeGrom and the Mets in this one, but probably not any other time during this series with the Rockies.

Pick: Mets

Yankees (Montgomery) vs Red Sox (Pomeranz)

Another surprising Montgomery is starting today. Jordan Montgomery has been the most consistent pitcher for the Yankees all year long. When they were winning games they were bludgeoning teams to death, despite a suspect rotation. Now that the offense is regressed to the mean, they are losing games. They will lose today too.

Pick: Red Sox

Diamondbacks (Walker) vs Braves (Dickey)

The Diamondbacks currently lead the National League Wild Card race, something few people saw coming. A big reason why is their starting pitching has really stepped up. Robbie Ray and Taijuan Walker were both question marks coming into this year, and both have excelled. Walker gets the nod today and will continue to pitch well in leading the Diamondbacks to victory.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Phillies (Pivetta) vs Brewers (Davies)

This is the Brewers reward for a stellar first half of the season. A series against the worst team in baseball to start the second half. They will take advantage of it and get the win today.

Pick: Brewers

Mariners (Paxton) vs White Sox (Shields)

As a Mariners fan, I am very happy that the White Sox traded Quintana before this series. Quintana always pitched well against Seattle, and I am glad he is gone. In this game I am going with Big Maple over Big Game James. The Mariners need to come out of the gate hot while the White Sox are selling. That should mean a Mariners win.

Pick: Mariners

Twins (Berrios) vs Astros (Morton)

The Astros are the best team in the American League. If they don’t make the World Series I will be very surprised. That being said, I am still super high on Jose Berrios. I think that he takes it to the Astros today and gets the win.

Pick: Twins

Rangers (Perez) vs Royals (Hammel)

Don’t care how hot the Royals are. Still won’t pick Jason Hammel. Still hasn’t proved enough.

Pick: Rangers

Indians (Carrasco) vs Athletics (Gray)

This is the time for the Indians. They have three games against Oakland, followed by three against San Francisco. If they go 4-2 or better on this trip I think they will start to pull away in the division. It starts with Carrasco getting the win today.

Pick: Indians

Rays (Faria) vs Angels (Nolasco)

Not even the return of Mike Trout could get me to pick the Angels in this one. Jacob Faria is pitching well and Ricky Nolasco might be the worst opening day starter in the history of Major League Baseball.

Pick: Rays

Giants (Cueto) vs Pardes (Richard)

It is a very real possibility that both of these pitchers could end up on another team in the next few weeks. This could be an audition for both. If it is an audition I like Cueto’s chances better than Richards’. Because of that I am going with the Giants to win.

Pick: Giants