Game of Thrones Season 7: A Gamblers Guide

At long last, we are reaching the final turn of Game of Thrones.  The field of characters has thinned, considerably.  Most have been killed, often brutally, others have disappeared, leaving viewers in limbo regarding the possibilities of their return. With just two seasons left, there is a pretty clear picture of the final confrontations   The online gambling site Bovada, in its infinite wisdom, decided to set odds on who sits the Iron Throne at the end of season 7.  Due to the fact that we will bet on just about anything here, below is an analysis on this odds.  Starting with the least likely. 

Previous seasons spoilers abound below. 

Gilly (+30,000)

Let's be honest, the only way Gilly sits the Iron Throne is if literally everyone else is dead, she gets lost at sea, lands at the remains of King's Landing and confusedly sits down on the throne, not knowing its significance, or really where she is.

Tormund Giantsbane (+25,000)

I would gladly live in a kingdom ruled by Tormund. I imagine that there would be also be a special collection of bears nearby. Tormund, a loyal warrior, is marooned up north with Jon Snow, and would likely be as willing to man the throne as Ned Stark was. 

Melisandre (+20,000)

When we last saw the Red Priestess she was expelled from the north by Jon Snow due to encouraging Worst Parents of the Year winners Stannis and Selyse to burn their only daughter at the stake. Season 6 saw a confused Melisandre, both from Stannis' failure and then the revealing of her own power, bringing Jon Snow back to life.  The only way she sits the Iron Throne is if she unites with fellow servants of the fire lord The Brotherhood Without Banners, they march on King's Landing, and find it in ashes(we will get to this later). 

Yara Greyjoy (+10,000)

Now that Yara has joined with The Mother of Dragons for the attack on King's Landing, she will be in close proximity to the throne. If Daenerys's plot armour wears off and she falls, it isn't too difficult to see Yara leading the great army to victory. 

The Night King (+6600)

If it weren't for the fact that most epics simply must have happy endings(Unless you are Stephen King), The Night King's odds would be a lot better.  He is leading a giant horde of frozen zombies and blue eyed warriors in an attack on the fractured and acrimonious Seven Kingdom's. His weakness appears to be dragon glass and Valyrian Steel. Unfortunately for him, Jon Snow carries Longclaw, a Valyrian Steel sword, and Daenerys has three dragons. Odds are nephew and aunt unite to The Night King's demise. Odds are none of that happens until Season 8.

Sansa Stark (+4000)

Sansa has grown from prissy weakling to calculated and determined politician. She has the perpetual backing of the most cunning man in the series in Littlefinger, and will have the full support of the North in anything she does.  She lacks the rigid morality an idealism of the men of the Stark line.  She will likely spend season 7 trying to prevent Jon Snow from doing more stupid shit. Season 8 will likely when she starts playing the game of thrones to win. 

Arya Stark (+3300)

I don't see how Arya has better odds to gain the Iron Throne than Sansa as she lacks the birthright or the tact to rule for any period of time.  I suppose she could pull it off by ruthlessly killing more of her enemies after she feeds them their own children.  She will likely serve as the frightening hand of death for her siblings in the north this next season. 

Jaime Lannister (+2500)

Ah, Jaime, one of my favorite characters ever. These are more odds I don't agree with. Jaime could've have taken the throne during Robert's Rebellion but chose not to. Despite his name, birth, intelligence and unrivaled skills with the sword(when he had two hands), the throne and power has never been a desire. I think he dies with Cersei, as he wouldn't want to live past that, and Jaime never does anything he doesn't want to do. But, what the hell do I know? I thought Robb Stark was going to be the hero of this story years ago. 

Bran Stark (+2000)

I don't think that Bran will ever sit the Iron Throne.  However, as the eldest living son of Eddard Stark, he could become the King of the North by series end.  Bran likely has better odds than most on this list due to his immense power and ability to, you know, step in and out of time. 

Gendry (+1400)

Did you forget about Gendry? Most have.  We last saw him being sent away on a boat by Davos to save him from the sorcery of The Red Woman.  Gendry is the bastard son of Robert Baratheon, with all of Jaime, I mean, Robert's children dead, the crown would fall to Gendry. This could be a possible result in season 7 if Cersei is removed from power before the arrival of the great army of Targaryen arrives. 

Tyrion Lannister (+1200)

The great Tyrion Lannister certainly has the mind to rule, and the name. Yet he seems to take to the role of Hand of the King on better than the idea of absolute power. It would be fitting and humorous if the oft scorned and neglected dwarf sat upon the Iron Throne.  I don't think the plot will move fast enough in season 7 for this to happen. 

Petyr Baelish (+1200)

I believe that Baelish has at least one more great chess move to play in this game.  He wants the Iron Throne, and to sit on it with Sansa at his side.  He will likely get what he wants, for a time.  Eventually even the most clever men get out dueled though. 

Jon Snow (+600)

Since Jon Snow has entered the Night's Watch he has killed Qhorin Half Hand,, joined the wildings, earned their trust, fell in love with a wildling, climbed the wall, betrayed the wildlings, defended the wall against the wildings, been voted Lord Commander, been killed by his own men, been brought back to life, hung the men that killed him, quit the NIght's Watch, defeated Ramsey Bolton in battle and has been hailed as King of the North. His story will likely end on or near the Iron Throne, the timing is anyone's guess. 

Daenerys Targaryen, the Unburnt Queen of the Andals, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons (+300)

It would be very George R.R. Martin to have Dany travel all this way, gather a tremendous army, and fail. I don't think that will happen, but it wouldn't surprise me.  That said, if I were a betting man, and I am,  I'd say the last show of season 7 is Dany sitting on the Iron Throne.  She has the Dothraki, the most feared warriors in all the land, the might of Dorne, which despite the show's butchering of that whole storyline, is considerable, the numbers and power of the Tyrell's, the Second Son's, and three dragons. It would take a high level of hi-jinks and betrayal to upend her. 

Cersei Lannister (-300)

Cersei currently sits on the throne, and Bovada believes that she will still be there at the end of the season.  Season 6 ended with Cersei taking the baptism scene of The Godfather to a new level.  Her affinity for wildfire may rear its head again before the series is over.  Regardless, the smart" money is on Cersei remaining on her perch through the end of the season.