Countdown to College Football: Day 43 - Stanford

Our countdown continues with the school whose marching band is banned from Disneyland. 

School: Stanford University

Mascot: Cardinal

Fight Song; Come Join The Band

Head Coach: David Shaw (64-17)

Stadium: Stanford Stadium (Capacity:: 50,000)

Best Place to eat On Campus: 

Palo Alto is a fine area, but does not really have the kind of artery clogging hole in the wall restaurants that we enjoy on our college football tour.  Pizza My Heart carries the flag of traditional college cuisine against the scores of artisan coffee shops. With their thick, large, greasy slices of pizza, Pizza My Heart is a sanctuary for drunk college kids. 

Greatest Moment in Program History:

Before 2010, Stanford's football history was a lot of mediocre football with the occasional double digit win season sprinkled in.  Since 2010, Stanford has gone 76-18. with two Rose Bowl victories and an Orange Bowl win. Of all these teams, the 2010 squad may have been the most dominant.  Andrew Luck and a dominant offensive line beat up opponents and were a bad second half against Oregon from an undefeated season and a likely national championship.  They finished the season with a rout of a talented Virginia Tech squad in the Orange Bowl.

Current State of the Program:

Early on in 2016, it looked like the conference may have passed Stanford by. Washington and Washington State both destroyed Stanford in consecutive weeks by a combined score of 86-22.  Stanford looked uninspired and unable to handle the speed and athleticism of the Washington schools. After a fluky loss to Colorado, Stanford was 4-3 before ripping off six straight wins to end the season. The offense, combined with a lighter half of a schedule, woke up, and Stanford was back to power football and big plays in the passing game.  Washington and WSU should be strong again, and Oregon and Oregon State will be improved, but Stanford likely will be in contention once again for the Pac 12 North title. 

Prediction: 9-3

vs Rice - W

at USC - L

at San Diego State - W

vs UCLA - W

vs Arizona State - W

at Utah - L

vs Oregon - W

at Oregon State - W

at Washington State - L

vs Washington - W

vs California - W

vs Notre Dame - W