Countdown to College Football: Day 44 - Georgia Tech

Day 44 brings us one of the only schools to have a mechanical mascot, the Ramblin Wreck of Georgia Tech. 

School: Georgia Institute of Technology

Mascot: Yellow Jackets

Fight Song: Up with the White and Gold

Head Coach: Paul Johnson (177-87, 70-48 at GT)

Stadium: Bobby Dodd Stadium (Capacity: 55,000)

Best Place to Eat on Campus:

The West Egg Cafe finds a spot in our heart by serving all day breakfast.  They also offer such southern delicacies as Shrimp and Grits and a Fried Chicken Biscuit. The Sour Cream Pancakes come highly recommended as well. 

Greatest Moment in Program History: 

If officials in the Colorado vs Missouri game had not granted Colorado five downs, rather than the customary four, Georgia Tech would have been unanimous National Champions in 1990. Instead, Tech had to share the title. However, it did little to dampen the greatness of an undefeated season and a 45-21 thumping of Nebraska in the Citrus Bowl. 

Current State of the Program: 

Paul Johnson's Georgia Tech program is, 2015 aside, consistently good, but not great. The triple offense option, which is subtly making a whisker of a comeback around the country, will always give defenses headaches. If the Tech defenses ever becomes the excellent unit that the offense consistently is, Tech could conceivably compete for ACC titles. Until that happens, they will be looking up at Florida State and Clemson, but continue to win seven to ten games a year. 

Prediction: 7-5

vs Tennessee - W

vs Jacksonville State - W

at Central Florida - W

vs Pittsburgh - L

vs UNC - W

at Miami - L

vs Wake Forest - W

at Clemson - L

at Virginia - W

vs Virginia Tech - L

at Duke - W

vs Georgia - L