MLB Pick'Em 06/08

June is going to be a good month for us here at MLB Pick'Em. The picker is making the posts now, and while I'm not as good with this whole website thing as my counterpart, I will still be getting them up for the people every day. That is why I do this. For the people! Here are yesterdays results.

June  (7th), 2017 Picks: 

Yankees vs Red Sox, pick Yankees, WON
Pirates vs Orioles, pick Orioles, WON
Angels vs Tigers, pick Tigers, WON
Cardinals vs Reds, pick Cardinals, LOST 
White Sox vs Rays, pick White Sox, LOST
Phillies vs Braves, pick Braves, WON 
Giants vs Brewers, pick Brewers, WON
Mets vs Rangers, pick Mets, WON
Cubs vs Marlins, pick Cubs, LOST
Astros vs Royals, pick Astros, LOST
Indians vs Rockies, pick Rockies, WON
Padres vs Diamondbacks, pick Diamondbacks, WON
Blue Jays vs Athletics, pick Blue Jays, WON
Twins vs Mariners, pick Twins, LOST
Nationals vs Dodgers, pick Dodgers WON

Yesterday's Picks: 10-5
Guest Picks: 17-11

Monthly Picks: 50-41
Yearly Picks: 472-410

Here are today's picks:

 Cardinals (Leake) vs Reds (Feldman)

The Cardinals are now a season high five games under .500. They have been stuck in a quagmire the last two weeks and every time you think they are going to get out of it, they lose again. I like Mike Leake and I think he is the better pitcher in this game. I think the Cardinals are the better team in this game. I am still picking the Reds because of the funk that the Cardinals are in.

Pick: Reds

Angels (Ramirez) vs Tigers (Fulmer)

Michael Fulmer is a good pitcher, who gets even better when he faces the Angles. In three starts against them he has two wins and an ERA under 2. That is good enough for me.

Pick: Tigers

Giants (Cueto) vs Brewers (Espino)

Matt Garza is once again on the disabled list, and Paolo Espino will take his turn in the rotation today. Usually this would be a slam dunk pick for the Giants, but I am hesitating because they are playing so bad. At the end of the day I am going to go with the proven pitcher in Cueto and pick the Giants with absolutely no confidence.

Pick: Giants

Padres (Richard) vs Diamondbacks (Corbin)

The Diamondbacks have the best home record in baseball and are looking for a sweep of the Padres today. With Clayton Richard on the mound for the Padres I think they will get it.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Red Sox (Price) vs Yankees (Pineda)

The rubber match of this series brings David Price back to the mound after starting his season with back to back quality performances. Price could end up being a big x-factor for the Red sox down the road, because he is their #2 starter and would be the ace on most teams. I think that today he pitches like an ace and leads the Red Sox to a win in the game and the series.

Pick: Red Sox

Marlins (Volquez) vs Pirates (Cole)

Edinson Volquez has won two starts in a row and threw a no-hitter in his last one. I like the way he is pitching right now and he will lead the Marlins to victory.

Pick: Marlins

Orioles (Asher) vs Nationals (Ross)

There are a myriad of good starting pitchers on these two teams. The two guys throwing today are not amongst that group. Runs could come early and often for these two high powered offenses, but in the end I think the Nationals put up a few more and come out on top.

Pick: Nationals

White Sox (Holland) vs Rays (Odorizzi)

The Rays are a game under .500. I’ve said many times before how average I think this team is. I am playing the odds and think they get the win today to get back to .500 and show everyone how truly average they are.

Pick: Rays

Phillies (Lively) vs Braves Dickey)

Well Phillies fans your team did not take the series with a win yesterday. In fact you guys got shellacked 14-1. Fear not however! Today Ben Lively will reward your faith and will lead the Phillies to victory and another series win.

Pick: Phillies

Rockies (Chatwood) vs Cubs (Lester)

This series could be a preview of playoff baseball come October. Everyone expected the Cubs to be there, but few expected the Rockies to make this much noise over 1/3 of the way into the season. Even more surprising is that they are doing this with three rookie starting pitchers. I think the Cubs get the better of them today but I like the way the Rockies are looking for this year and the years to come.

Pick: Cubs

Astros (McCullers) vs Royals (Hammel)

Dallas Keuchel got his first loss of the season yesterday and it happened at the hand of the lowly Royals. The Royals are throwing Jason Hammel now against the best team in baseball. I don’t like their chances to win this series.

Pick: Astros

Twins (Gibson) vs Mariners (Bergman)

The Mariners have won five in a row and nine out of ten. They somehow won a game that Yovanni Gallardo started. That is how hot they are right now. I think they make it six in a row and pull off the sweep today with another win over the Twins.

Pick: Mariners