Countdown To College Football: Day 79 - Syracuse


We break into the 70's with the only school whose mascot is a plump orange named Otto.

The Vitals:

School: Syracuse

Mascot: Orange

Fight Song: Down The Field



Head Coach: Dino Babers (41-24, 4-8 at SU)

Best Place to Eat on Campus:

Chuck's Cafe is an institution, and is currently closed due to the fact that it's building was demolished. Chuck's will open in a new location and, like the phoenix, will rise again.

Greatest Program Moment:

Syracuse used to have a really good program from the mid 80's until the end of the century. There is one moment in Syracuse history that finds its way onto every "Great Finishes" compilation there is.  Syracuse vs Virginia Tech from the Carrier Dome in 1998. The winner won the Big East and would play in the Orange Bowl.  Late in the game, Virignia Tech led 28-22. The great Donovan Mcnabb led Syracuse to the Tech 13 yard line with five seconds left. Mcnabb took the snap, rolled right and threw. 


Current State of The Program:

Ehhhh. Messy. Success has been fleeting in the last decade for Syracuse. Dino Babers has all the makings of a good coach. Syracuse went 4-8 in his first year with wildly inconsistent offensive performances including scoring 14 points against Florida State then dropping 61 on Pittsburgh. The defense was indiscriminately awful, giving up 76 points to Pitt to end the year and over fifty three other times.  Syracuse isn't an easy place to recruit to and the program lacks excitement.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Babers continue to coach up the offense and field a more competitive and potentially bowl eligible unit this coming year. 

Prediction: 5-7

Central Connecticut State - W

Middle Tennessee - W

Central Michigan - W

at LSU - L

at NC State - L

Pitt - L

Clemson - L

at Miami - L

at Florida State - L

Wake Forest - W

at Louisville - L

Boston College - W