Countdown to College Football: Day 80 - Texas Tech


The Vitals:

School: Texas Tech University

Mascot: Red Raider

Fight Song: Fight Raiders Fight

Best Place To Eat:

Spanky's.  An Institution since 1982 a stones throw from the stadium, home of "Too Cold to Drink Beer" and Fried cheese.

Head Coach: Kliff Kingsbury (24-26)

Greatest Program Moment:  

November 1st, 2008.  Mike Leach, after years of good squads at Texas Tech had finally built a great one.  Tech entered their home matchup with #1 Texas undefeated.  Texas was in the middle of a run of 9 straight seasons of ten wins or more.  After blowing a 16 point second half lead, Texas Tech found themselves down 33-32 with eight seconds left and the ball on the Texas 28 yard line. Most teams would probably run a quick play to set up the field goal. Instead, Mike Leach drew up a back shoulder fade to their great receiver Michael Crabtree, who tore through defenders to score the game winning touchdown with one second left. 

Current State of the Program:

In 2016, Texas Tech scored 43 points a game and scored over 50 points six times. They went 5-7. Kingsbury, for all of his clever offensive wizardry has failed to find a defensive coordinator that can recruit, coach and motivate the defense.  David Gibbs enters his third season as defensive coordinator after two seasons of no improvement whatsoever. It appears Kingsbury is relying Gibbs improving the unit in 2017, as another mediocre season and poor defense could be the end of both of them in Lubbock. 

Prediction: 6-6

vs Eastern Washington - W

vs Arizona State - W

at Houston - L

vs Oklahoma State - L

at Kansas - W

at West Virginia - L

vs Iowa State - W

at Oklahoma - L

vs Kansas State - W

vs Baylor - W

vs TCU - L

at Texas - L