MLB Pick'Em 06/30

We are entering the last day of June. June has been a good month for us. We were 21 games over .500 in April, 32 games over .500 in May, and so far we are 31 games over .500 with one day to go. That is also counting the 0-30 hit we took last weekend. Point is, we are trending upwards, and would love for you to come along with us. 

June 29th Results

Cubs vs Nationals, pick Cubs, WON
Rays vs Pirates, pick Rays, LOST
Orioles vs Blue Jays, pick Blue Jays, LOST
Brewers vs Reds, pick Brewers, WON
Mets vs Marlins, pick Marlins, LOST
Rangers vs Indians, pick Indians, WON
Royals vs Tigers, pick Tigers, WON
Twins vs Red Sox, pick Red Sox, WON
Athletics vs Astros, pick Athletics, LOST
Yankees vs White Sox, pick White Sox, WON
Cardinals vs Diamondbacks, pick Cardinals, WON
Angels vs Dodgers, pick Dodgers, WON
Braves vs Padres, pick Padres, WON

Yesterday’s Picks: 9-4

Hoopfest 2017: 0-30
Guest Picks: 17-11
Monthly Picks: 213-182
Yearly Picks: 635-551

Here are today's picks:

Rays (Faria) vs Orioles (Tillman)

Oh Tampa Bay. You are doing it to me again. As you are only a game over .500 I want to pick against you so bad so you can get back to even for what feels like the 30th time this year. I will not be doing that today. Chris Tillman is just not a good pitcher ever since he got back from his injury. I think the Rays light up the scoreboard today and get the win.

Pick: Rays

Giants (Cueto) vs Pirates (Cole)

These are two pitchers I had higher hopes for. I thought both of them would make the all-star team this year, but both are mired in mediocrity at the moment. They both show flashes of brilliance, but not enough consistency. That is been the problem with both of these teams too. In this game I am going to go with Cole and the Pirates although something tells me we will actually see a pitching duel in this one.

Pick: Pirates

Red Sox (Fister) vs Blue Jays (Estrada)

I had no idea Doug Fister was back in the Major Leagues. I always thought he was a quality pitcher who will keep your team in the game and give you a chance to win. I still think that about him, even as he is getting older. In fact I think he gets the win in this one.

Pick: Red Sox

Cubs (Montgomery) vs Reds (Feldman)

The Cubs are still a very good team. They need to focus on baseball instead of all the other stuff and they will be fine. After a week that saw them get rid of Miguel Montero, visit Trump at the White House, and see Kris Bryant go down with an injury that might be a tough thing to do. This is a team of guys that knows what it takes to win and this might be something that unifies them. I’m taking the Cubs today.

Pick: Cubs

Indians (Tomlin) vs Tigers (Sanchez)

This is a dud of a pitching matchup. I think both offenses will be on high alert and that runs will come fast and furious. I like the Indians in this matchup by something like a 9-6 score.

Pick: Indians

Phillies (Lively) vs Mets (DeGrom)

Another matchup of two teams in the National League East between two teams that are going nowhere. The Phillies just took two games from the Mariners and the Mets are… Well the Mets. I am going with the New York Metropolitans in this one because I like Jacob DeGrom. He has been the one bright spot for New York this year.

Pick: Mets

Marlins (Volquez) vs Brewers (Garza)

After not winning a game the first two months of the season Edinson Volquez has won four games in June. Now he is facing a team that is in first place, but only by a game. The Brewers are still trying to hold off the Cubs. I think after today the two teams will be tied as the Cubs will win and the Brewers will lose.

Pick: Marlins

Rangers (Bibens-Dirkx) vs White Sox (Pelfrey)

The White Sox have consistently done well against the Rangers at home in the last few years. That is surprising as the Rangers have been good and the White Sox have not. The Rangers are handing the ball to their rookie who hasn’t lost yet. I don’t think he will today. I think this will be the start of the reversal of fortune for the Rangers and they get the win today.

Pick: Rangers

Yankees (Pineda) vs Astros (McCullers Jr.)

This should be a fun weekend series. Both of these teams are rock solid, which is why this could be a playoff preview. In the game today I am going to go with McCullers and the Astros. I think that it will be a low scoring game, but the Astros always seem to find a way to win. That won’t change today.

Pick: Astros

Nationals (Roark) vs Cardinals (Leake)

Tanner Roark has really been struggling for the Nationals in the month of June. I don’t think it’s time to full on worry about him yet, but I think his performance is raising an eyebrow by the Nationals brass. I think he will turn it around a bit today and will pitch better. I don’t think it will be enough to get the win, as Mike Leake will outduel him and get the win today.

Pick: Cardinals

Twins (Santana) vs Royals (Vargas)

We have four double digit winners in baseball right now. Two of them are squaring off today in Jason Vargas and Ervin Santana. Baseball is a funny game. In this game between “aces” I am going to go with Vargas and the Royals in a low scoring game. Something like 3-1.

Pick: Royals

Rockies (Gray) vs Diamondbacks (Ray)

The Rockies have lost eight games in a row, are bringing back a pitcher that hasn’t pitched in two months, and are facing one of the hottest pitchers in baseball. Eek. That doesn’t sound good for them.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Braves (Foltynewicz) vs Athletics (Gray)

I had no idea the Braves were only four games under .500. The Braves have been playing solid baseball for a month, with a 15-12 record in June with one game left to play. I think they end the month at 16-12 as they win today.

Pick: Braves

Mariners (Miranda) vs Angels (Birdwell)

The Mariners were supposed to get right by playing the Phillies. Instead they lost two games in a row to the worst team in baseball and once again have more questions than answers. Now they are facing a pitcher who’s team has never lost when he pitches a game. The Angels are 4-0 in games Birdwell pitches in. I think today they will make it 5-0.

Pick: Angels

Dodgers (Wood) vs Padres (Richard)

Alex Wood still hasn’t lost this year. So I still will not be picking against him.

Pick: Dodgers