MLB Pick'Em 06/03

When they created the advert above, they had no idea that the words "free" and "red man" would have a completely different connotation in the future. 

June Yesterday (2nd), 2017 Picks:

Cardinals vs Cubs, pick Cardinals, LOST
Red Sox vs Orioles, pick Red Sox, LOST
Giants vs Phillies, pick Giants, WON
Yankees vs Blue Jays, pick Yankees, LOST 
White Sox vs Tigers, pick Tigers, WON
Braves vs Reds, pick Braves, LOST
Pirates vs Mets, pick Pirates, WON
Diamondbacks vs Marlins, pick Diamondbacks, LOST 
Astros vs Rangers, pick Astros, WON
Dodgers vs Brewers, pick Dodgers, WON
Indians vs Royals, pick Indians, LOST
Nationals vs Athletics, pick Nationals, WON
Twins vs Angels, pick Angels, LOST
Rays vs Mariners, pick Rays, LOST
Rockies vs Padres, pick Rockies, LOST

Yesterday's Picks: 6-9
Guest Picks: 17-11

Monthly Picks: 11-12
Yearly Picks: 433-381

June Today (3rd), 2017 Picks: 

Yankees (Montgomery) vs Blue Jays (Biagini)

Yesterday was a game that people came to expect between these two teams.  A close, high scoring affair that the Blue Jays took to even the series. I expect another high scoring game today, but this time the Yankees come out on top.

Pick: Yankees

Indians (Carrasco) vs Royals (Hammel)

Got to give Jason Hammel credit. He is going out there every fifth day and taking the ball for the Royals. That is about where the credit ends in my opinion. He will continue to struggle today and the Indinas will win easy.

Pick: Indians

Cardinals (Leake) vs Cubs (Lester)

Mike Leake has been better this year than Jon Lester. Lester has been very good at home and usually does well against the Cardinals. The Cubs also have the momentum, after yesterday’s dramatic 3-2 win. I like the Cubs in this one to get a second win in a row against their biggest rival.

Pick: Cubs

Nationals (Ross) vs Athletics (Mengden)

Daneil Mengden is 0-7 in 8 career starts at the Oakland Coliseum. That wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except it is home park. After today it will be 0-8 as the Nationals get too him early and get the win in Oakland.

Pick: Nationals

Giants (Cueto) vs Phillies (Lively)

The Phillies lost 10-0 yesterday and today they hand the ball to a rookie making his first career start. I don’t like his chances. Cueto has the potential to dominate and the Phillies are the perfect offense for him to throw a gem. I like the Giants to win this one easy.

Pick: Giants

White Sox (Gonzalez) vs Tigers (Zimmermann)

Both of these pitchers have winning records against their opponents today, albeit they both have high ERA’s against them as well. That means we could see a lot of fireworks today. I think both teams combine for five home runs and the White Sox come out on top.

Pick: White Sox

Dodgers (Hill) vs Brewers (Garza)

After a 12 inning game yesterday, both teams are hoping to get their starts deep into this game. I think that is more likely for the Brewers than the Dodgers. Garza, for all his faults, usually goes at least six innings. Hill you never know because of his recurring blisters. I think the Brewers take this one and even the series.

Pick: Brewers

Braves (Dickey) vs Reds (Feldman)

Both of these pitchers are not very good. The Braves offense is also not very good. The Reds offense is pretty good. There ya go. Reds win.

Pick: Reds

Rockies (Chatwood) vs Padres (Chacin)

The Padres have now won five games in a row after beating the Rockies yesterday. I am pretty sure I have picked them to lose all five games too. I am going to pick them to win today, which probably means Chatwood will have them flailing all over the place. We shall see.

Pick: Padres

Diamondbacks (Delgado) vs Marlins (Volquez)

Edinson Volquez finally got his first win of 2017 in his last start. That was against the Athletics. Today he faces a much tougher challenge in the Arizona Diamondbacks. I don’t like his chances to get a second win a row today. I think Arizona takes it to him and gets the win.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Red Sox (Price) vs Orioles (Bundy)

David Price gets to face his favorite opponent today in the Baltimore Orioles. He has never lost to the Orioles in Camden Yards. Dylan Bundy has also pitched well this year, so this could be a low scoring game. I like the history of Price to continue and for the Red Sox to win a tight game. Something like 3-1.

Pick: Red Sox

Astros (McCullers) vs Rangers (Cashner)

The Houston Astros really have an embarrassment of riches. They have won eight games in a row and today are throwing the American League pitcher of the month for May in Lance McCullers. They make it nine in a row today and build the gap between them and the rest of the A.L west even more.

Pick: Astros

Pirates (Glasnow) vs Mets (Gsellman)

Robert Gsellman had his best start of the season his last time out for the Mets. That doesn’t mean I trust him. The Pirates offense is flying high right now and I think that will continue. I like the Pirates in this one.

Pick: Pirates

Twins (Santana) vs Angels (Shoemaker)

This one is easy. Santana all day long.

Pick: Twins

Rays (Cobb) vs Mariners (Gaviglio)

The Mariners went 14-14 in May. They are 1-1 in June. How they have gone 15-15 in their last 30 games with all of their injuries I do not know. It is impressive. This team may not be fun to watch, but they are resilient and they fight. Can’t ask for more than that. I think they win a second in a row today and keep inching closer to .500.

Pick: Mariners