MLB Pick'Em 06/26

If you read this blog at all you will notice the last two days we didn't post any picks. Unfortunately we were at a basketball tournament and I didn't have a chance to post them. After thinking it over I think the right thing is just to give myself 30 losses as I didn't pick any winners and move on. Here are the updated records and the picks for today.

Hoopfest 2017: 0-30
Guest Picks: 17-11

Monthly Picks: 185-159
Yearly Picks: 607-528

Here are today's picks:

Phillies (Pivetta) vs Diamondbacks (Greinke)

Pick: Diamondbacks

Reds (Finnegan) vs Cardinals (Wacha)

Pick: Reds

Cubs (Butler) vs Nationals (gonzalez)

Pick: Nationals

Twins (Berrios) vs Red Sox (Sale)

Pick: Red Sox

Rangers (Hamels) vs Indians (Carrasco)

Pick: Rangers

Yankees (Montgomery) vs White Sox (Holmberg)

Pick: Yankees

Rockies (Marquez) vs Giants (Samardzija)

Pick: Rockies

Angels (Nolasco) vs Dodgers (Hill)

Pick: Dodgers