MLB Pick'Em 06/22

Yesterday, two more instances came up about baseball's unwritten rules. First Yasiel Puig hit a home run and took too long to round the bases and the New York Mets didn't like it. Second, Jarrod Dyson bunted for a hit when Jared Verlander was throwing a perfect game into the sixth inning. I personally think that baseball needs to write down all of these unwritten rules, as so many have broken this year that I am losing track. For the record I have no problem with either one of these. Let Puig have some fun, he just hit a home run. As for Dyson, the game was still very much in reach, as evidenced by the fact the Mariners came back and won, and it was only the sixth inning. I mean I didn't even get an ESPN alert about a no-hitter watch. So calm down on the unwritten rules and let the guys have some fun and try to win. Alright onto yesterday results.

June 21st Results

Indians vs Orioles, pick Indians, WON
Nationals vs Marlins, pick Nationals, LOST
Reds vs Rays, pick Reds, LOST
Giants vs Braves, pick Braves, WON
Pirates vs Brewers, pick Brewers, WON
Blue Jays vs Rangers, pick Rangers, LOST
Padres vs Cubs, pick Cubs, LOST
Red Sox vs Royals, pick Royals, WON
Tigers vs Mariners, pick Tigers, LOST
Astros vs Athletics, pick Astros, WON
Mets vs Dodgers, pick Dodgers, WON
Angels vs Yankees, pick Yankees, WON
Cardinals vs Phillies, pick Cardinals, WON
Rockies vs Diamondbacks, pick Diamondbacks, WON
White Sox vs Twins, pick Twins, WON


Yesterday's Picks: 10-5
Guest Picks: 17-11

Monthly Picks: 169-118
Yearly Picks: 591-487

Here are today's picks:

Cardinals (Martinez) vs Phillies (Nola)

The Cardinals are 5-0 against the Phillies in the last month. I believe that a lot of teams are 5-0 against the Phillis in the last month. Philadelphia is already getting a stranglehold on the #1 pick in the 2018 draft. They currently have a three game lead over the Giants for the worst record, and I think that lead will grow as the summer continues. However, today I think they will get the win because, well they won’t lose em all.

Pick: Phillies

White Sox (Quintana) vs Twins (Turley)

I still believe in Jose Quintana for some insane reason. I think that he is a good pitcher and he will bounce back in the second half of the season. In fact, I think he starts that bounce back today. He pitches well against the Twins and helps Chicago avoid the sweep.

Pick: White Sox

Blue Jays (Stroman) vs Rangers (Perez)

Stroman has been the best pitcher for the Blue Jays all year long. I said he would be in his first start of the season, and I am sticking with it now. Stroman will continue to pitch well, get his eighth win of the year, and the Blue Jays take the series from the Rangers and get back to .500.

Pick: Blue Jays

Pirates (Nova) vs Brewers (Anderson)

Ivan Nova is back to pitching like he did at the beginning of the season. He has a string of four straight quality starts on the line today against the Brewers. He will make it a fifth straight quality start and third straight win as the Pirates beat the Brewers and make the National League Central even more cluttered.

Pick: Pirates

Diamondbacks (Godley) vs Rockies (Senzatela)

Clayton Kershaw and Jason Vargas. Those are currently the only 10 game winners in the Majors as we inch closer to the halfway point in the season. Antonio Senzatela has a chance to join them. The funny thing is Senzatela’s ERA is almost two runs higher than both Vargas and Kershaw. That means the Rockies are scoring a lot of runs for him. I think they will do that again today.

Pick: Rockies

Astros (Paulino) vs Athletics (Hahn)

The Astros are 5-0 in Oakland this year. That is good enough reason for me to pick them today.

Pick: Astros

Angels (Chavez) vs Yankees (Severino)

The Yankees finally ended their seven game skid with a win against the Angels yesterday. Now they send Luis Severino to the mound hoping to take the series. The Angels are like most of the American League in that they are hovering right around .500. They have a chance to get back there today. It won’t happen.

Pick: Yankees

Indians (Clevinger) vs Orioles (Miley)

The Indians are one of the hottest teams in baseball, coming having won seven of their last eight games. Now they are looking for the sweep at the hands of the scuffling Orioles. One team is hot. The other is cold. I am going to go with the hot team and take the Indians to get the win and the sweep.

Pick: Indians

Cubs (Arrieta) vs Marlins (Locke)

Jake Arrieta is not the same pitcher he was the last two seasons. Some regression was inevitable but this is more than that. His ERA has risen by almost three runs since his Cy Young winning season of 2015. With all that being said I still trust him more than Jeff Locke. I think the Cubs take the opener of this series and Arrieta pitches….. Okay.

Pick: Cubs

Giants (Cain) vs Braves (Garcia)

These two went at it about a month ago in San Francisco and Jamie Garcia came out on top. In fact it is one of his two wins this year. I see no reason why today won’t be victory number three.

Pick: Braves

Mets (Matz) vs Dodgers (Ryu)

Even Money Yasiel Puig gets plunked in his first at bat today. Yesterday he took too long to round the bases and the Mets didn’t like that. Yet another unwritten rule. Today he will pay the consequences. In the game itself I actually like the Mets to come out on top and take a game from the Dodgers. I think Steven Matz will still be monitored very closely (as he should) but he will pitch well enough to win today.

Pick: Dodgers

Tigers (Norris) vs Mariners (Moore)

The Mariners have two things going against them in this game. The first is a player making his Major League debut. I usually don’t like going with the team that does that. The second is the fact they haven’t been over .500 all season. This is the fourth time they have gotten to .500 and they have always lost their next game. I think it happens again today.

Pick: Tigers