Countdown to College Football: Day 64 - Indiana

Today we tackle a school that began as a state seminary in 1820.

The Vitals:

School: Indiana University

Mascot: Hoosiers

Fight Song: Indiana, Our Indiana

Head Coach: Tom Allen (0-1)

Stadium: Memorial Stadium (Capacity: 52,929)

Best Place to Eat on Campus:

Dagwood's Deli and Sub Shop has been around since 1985. They have also won multiple awards for their sandwiches and have been anointed the best sandwich's in Bloomington.  Good enough for me. 

Greatest Moment in Program History:

Indiana is a basketball school and the football program's lack of success only reinforces that. in 1967, Indiana took advantage of a down year for Ohio State and the fact that Michigan was in the final twitches of the Bump Elliott era. Indiana went 9-1 in the regular season and capped it off with a victory over 3rd ranked Purdue. With the win, Indiana made their first and only Rose Bowl.  The next year, Ohio State fielded likely their greatest team ever, and in 1969, Bo Schembechler arrived at Michigan and that, was that.

Current State of the Program:

Kevin Wilson took Indiana from awful to competitive.  Unfortunately his intense nature among other things led to his departure.  I know very little about Tom Allen other than that he took an awful Indiana defense that submarined the 2015 season and instantly turned them into a formidable unit. I'm not a huge fan of Mike Debord as offensive coordinator, but I've been wrong before. 

Prediction:  6-6

vs Ohio State - L

at Virginia - W

vs FIU - W

 vs Georgia Southern - W

at Penn State - L

vs Michigan - L

at Michigan State - L

at Maryland - L

vs Wisconsin - L

at Illinois - W

vs Rutgers - W

at Purdue - W