College Football Countdown - Day 65 - Kansas

Today on the countdown we go to Kansas, a university built on a stop along the Oregon Trail.  

School: Kansas University

Mascot: Jayhawks

Fight Song:

Head Coach: David Beaty (4-32)

Stadium: Memorial Stadium (Capacity: 50,071)

Best Place to Eat on Campus: 

Fuzzy's Taco Shop is a place for the people.  Understanding the needs of its clientele they have extended hours on Friday and Saturday, open till 3 AM.  Given the nocturnal and taco craving nature of drunk college students, Fuzzy's comes to the rescue.

Greatest Moment in Program History:

2007 was a strange year in college football.  If 2005 was known for its collection of purely outstanding football games, 2007 was known for team after team crawling into the light before being squashed, then, another upstart would climb the mountain, be upset, and tumble down again.  It was this year where Kansas, led by Mark Mangino, won their first 11 games while avoiding Texas and Oklahoma on the schedule and only playing one ranked team. They lost their final game, an odd, fluky performance to Missouri, but were invited to the Rose Bowl at 11-1.  They defeated Viginia Tech and tied their best finish in school history, ranked seventh. 

Current State of the Program:

After the height of the Mangino years, Turner Gill and Charlie Weis simply destroyed the program. Gill was in over his head and failed massively at recruiting. Weis came swaggering into Lawrence, trashing the team every step of the way.  In the midst of all of this was a 27 game conference losing streak.  I think David Beauty is a good coach, and odds are he won't win enough games to see the progress he has made actually pay off.  The team was significantly better last year, playing more teams competitively and beating Texas(!). The talent is improving and Beauty is slowly convincing his young program that they can win.  Progress remains slow and this team is likely still at least a year away from a bowl game. 

Prediction - 3-9

vs SE Missouri - W

vs Central Michigan - W

at Ohio - L

vs West Virginia - L

vs Texas Tech - L

at Iowa State - W

at TCU - L

vs Kansas State - L

vs Baylor - L

at Texas - L

vs Oklahoma - L

at Oklahoma State - L