MLB Pick'Em 06/02

Welcome deviants to MLB Pick'Em 2017! We've all got a lot to worry about: climate, russians, NBA super teams, and the slow march of death, but I'm not here to trouble you with any of those legitimate fears. Nope. I'm here to make fun of Babe Ruth. He died a fat man, you see, a fat and lonely man, probably with no God. He likely repented before he died, but in order to do that, in order to commit to a proper repentance, that means he had to denounce his one true God: sugar. That's right, you may think differently of him now, knowing that his sugary empire rings hollow. It's also probably not too hard to believe that the ad above these words is indeed true, before candy bars he endorsed sugary, tooth-rottening soda. Inferior soda at that! What slander occupies the space between those quotations marks, the "finest cola" he's ever drank! Hosh posh! What a codger! Somebody get that man a Coka Cola pronto. 

May Yesterday (1st), 2017 Picks:

Athletics vs Indians, pick Indians, WON
Brewers vs Mets, pick Brewers, WON
Dodgers vs Cardinals, pick Dodgers, LOST
Rockies vs Mariners, pick Rockies, WON
Red Sox vs Orioles, pick Red Sox, LOST
Yankees vs Blue Jays, pick Blue Jays, LOST
Diamondbacks vs Pirates, pick Diamondbacks, WON 
Twins vs Angels, pick Twins, WON

Yesterday's Picks: 5-3
Guest Picks: 17-11

Monthly Picks: 5-3
Yearly Picks: 427-372

June Today (2nd), 2017 Picks:

Cardinals (Lynn) vs Cubs (Lackey)

The Cubs just got swept by the San Diego Padres. I picked the Cubs to win all three games, which means I am on at least a three game losing streak with them. They are doing worse, having dropped all six games on their road trip. Now they hand the ball to Jon Lackey to try and be a streak stopper. Nope, not going to happen. Cubs lose their seventh in a row today.

Pick: Cardinals

Red Sox (Porcellos) vs Orioles (Asher)

A game between these two teams where no one got hit, no one got ejected, and no punches were thrown. Impressive. All of the fireworks yesterday was done by the Orioles bats, as they hit four home runs in getting the win.  I am not very confident in Rick Porcello right now, but I have more confidence in him then Alex Asher. High scoring game today, but Red Sox win.

Pick: Red Sox

Giants (Blach) vs Phillies (Eickhoff)

These two teams are a combined 28 games under .500 and we just started June! I expected the Phillies to be this bad. I did not expect the Giants to be this bad. Perception is the one reason why I am picking the Giants to win.

Pick: Giants

Yankees (Pineda) vs Blue Jays (Liriano)

The Yankees bats carried them to a win in Toronto yesterday, with Aaron Hicks leading the charge. Hicks had four hits, including three doubles, and six RBI’s in yesterdays’ win. Not bad for a guy who isn’t an everyday player. I expect more of the same today, as Liriano is coming off the disabled list, and the Yankees bats stay hot and win again.

Pick: Yankees

White Sox (Holland) vs Tigers (Fulmer)

These two American League Central rivals are both sputtering as the calendar turns to June. The Tigers are 4-7 in their last 11 games, while the White Sox have lost back to back games to the Red Sox. I know that the White Sox have been playing better than the Tigers as of the last couple weeks, but I am still going to go with Detroit to win this game and hand Chicago their third straight defeat.

Pick: Tigers

Braves (Foltynewicz) vs Reds (Arroyo)

I am still going to pick against Mr. Arroyo. Sorry Bronson, nothing against you, just don’t think you are that good of a pitcher. I know you have more talent in your pinky toe than I do in my whole body, but you are making the big bucks, not me. Yet again I am picking against Arroyo and the Reds.

Pick: Braves

Pirates (Cole) vs Mets (Harvey)

Two pitchers with underwhelming stats on underwhelming teams meet in this one today. I still think Gerritt Cole is a very good pitcher, he just has gotten no help this season. I think that today he won’t need much, as the Mets are a dumpster fire right now.

Pick: Pirates

Diamondbacks (Corbin) vs Marlins (Urena)

The Diamondbacks have the edge in batting, starting pitching, and relief pitching. That is why they have one of the best record in the National League, while the Marlins are floundering toward the bottom of the standings. I like the Diamondbacks in this one.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Astros (Keuchel) vs Rangers (Darvish)

This is a fun pitching matchup that is lost a lot of its luster because of how well the Astros are playing. They have opened up an 11.5 game lead and have the best record as of June 1st since the 116 win Seattle Mariners team of 2001. They are throwing their ace on the mound today, and like I said I am picking him until he loses.

Pick: Astros

Dodgers (Kershaw) vs Brewers (Nelson)

The Brewers may lead the National League Central, but give me Kershaw every day of the week and twice on Sunday. I like the Dodgers in this one.

Pick: Dodgers

Indians (Tomlin) vs Royals (Vargas)

Jason Vargas has been very good this year, as long as he isn’t facing the Yankees. Josh Tomlin has ten wins in his career against the Royals, five more than any other team. This could be a low scoring game but in yet another battle of the present vs the past I am going with the past. I like Tomlin to continue his mastery against the Royals and get the win today.

Pick: Indians

Nationals (Strasburg) vs Athletics (Triggs)

Strasburg loves to strike people out. The Oakland Athletics love to strike out. If Strasburg doesn’t reach double digit strikeouts today I will be very surprised. I will also be very surprised if he doesn’t get the win today.

Pick: Nationals

Twins (Gibson) vs Angels (Ramirez)

The Twins are a better team than the Angels right now. The weakest part of the Twins team is the back half of their rotation, such as Kyle Gibson. That is the reason why I am picking the Angels to get the win today. They will take it to Gibson and get to the Twins bullpen early, and then hang on late to get the win.

Pick: Angels

Rays (Odorizzi) vs Mariners (Bergman)

Which Christian Bergman are you going to get. The one that has thrown seven shutout innings in two of his last three starts, or the one that allowed ten runs in the other start. I think you will get something in between, but it won’t be enough for the Mariners to get the win today. Odorizzi shuts down the Mariners lineup, which might not have Nelson Cruz or Jean Segura as they both left the game yesterday with injuries.

Pick: Rays

Rockies (Marquez) vs Padres (Richard)

The Padres just swept a three game series from the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. The Rockies just lost three of four from the Seattle Mariners, a team that was in last place when that series started. That is why baseball is a funny game. Today the team that lost three out of four will beat the team that has won three in a row. Marquez and the Rockies will shut down the Padres offense and will get the win today.

Pick: Rockies