College Football Countdown: Day 67 - Vanderbilt

This week begins with a look at the school founded by Cornelius Vanderbilt. 

School: Vanderbilt

Mascot: Commodores 

Fight Song:

Head Coach: Derek Mason (13-24)

Stadium: Vanderbilt Stadium (Capacity: 40,550)

Best Place to Eat on Campus:

Pancake Pantry has been around for 55 years.  Breakfast is served all day.  Classic Mom and Pop restaurant. 

Greatest Moment in Program History:

You don't have a great history when a Google search of great Vanderbilt football moments brings me absolutely nothing related to Vanderbilt football.  The 1922 team is likely the greatest team in Vanderbilt history, as they gave up 1.8 points a game and surrendered zero points at home the entire season. I like to use video clips and reels of footage from 1922 are hard to come by.  In that case, we will go with the last season of the James Franklin era where Vanderbilt defeated a half asleep 15th ranked Georgia team in the rain. 

Current State of the Program:

Last year Derek Mason decided that Vanderbilt was going to adopt a power running scheme. When you are one of the least talented squads in the SEC, adopting a unique scheme is the only road to success. Trying to play smashmouth football in a league known for its smashmouth football might not be the best idea.  Andy Ludwig is a good offensive coordinator and the offense appeared to improve in the final two games of the regular season in wins over Ole Miss and "Champions of Life" Tennessee.  The change in scheme did lead to the most successful of Mason's three years, and as they recruit to the scheme, results may improve.  However, I do not think that they will reach the same heights as the James Franklin era trying to be the bully in a league full of bullies. 

Prediction: 6-6

at Middle Tennessee - W

vs Alabama A&M - W

vs Kansas State - W

vs Alabama - L

at Florida - L

vs Georgia - L

at Ole Miss - L

at South Carolina - L

vs Western Kentucky - W

vs Kentucky - W

vs Missouri - W

at Tennessee - L