MLB Pick'Em 06/17

Very busy day today but still got to get the picks up. Like i stated yesterday we are now over 1000 games played. We are at a 54% success rate. Our goal was 60% so we got some work to do. Yesterday helped. Hopefully today will too.  Here are yesterdays results.

June 16th Results

Nationals vs Mets, pick Nationals, WON
Cardinals vs Orioles, pick Cardinals, WON
Diamondbacks vs Phillies, pick Dimamondbacks, WON
Cubs vs Pirates, pick Cubs, WON
White Sox vs Blue Jays, pick Blue Jays, LOST
Rays vs Tigers, pick Tigers, WON
Dodgers vs Reds, pick Dodgers, WON
Marlins vs Braves, pick Braves, LOST
Mariners vs Rangers, pick Mariners, LOST
Padres vs Brewers, pick Brewers, WON
Indians vs Twins, pick Indians, WON
Red Sox vs Astros, pick Astros, LOST
Rockies vs Giants, pick Rockies, WON
Athletics vs Yankees, pick Athletics, WON
Royals vs Angels, pick Angels, LOST

Yesterday's Picks: 10-5
Guest Picks: 17-11

Monthly Picks: 124-91
Yearly Picks: 546-460

Here are today's picks: 

White Sox (Pelfrey) vs Blue Jays (Stroman)

Pick: Blue Jays

Indians (Merritt) vs Twins (Wiik)

Pick: Twins

Giants (Cain) vs Rockies (Freeland)

Pick: Rockies

Cardinals (Wainwright) vs Orioles (Miley)

Pick: Orioles

Yankees (Tanaka) vs Athletics (Hahn)

Pick: Athletics

Diamondbacks (Godley) vs Phillies (Eickhoff)

Pick: Diamondbacks

Rays (Archer) vs Tigers (Fulmer)

Pick: Rays

Padres (Lamet) vs Brewers (Anderson)

Pick: Padres

Marlins (Locke) vs Braves (Garcia)

Pick: Braves

Dodgers (Ryu) vs Reds (Wojceichowski)

Pick: Dodgers

Nationals (Strasburg) vs Mets (Lugo)

Pick: Nationals

Mariners (Gallardo) vs Rangers (Perez)

Pick: Rangers

Indians (Clevinger) vs Twins (Mejia)

Pick: Indians

Royals (Junis) vs Angels (Meyer)

Pick: Royals

Red Sox (Porcello) vs Astros (Paulino)

Pick: Astros

Cubs (Arrieta) vs Pirates (Nova)

Pick: Cubs