MLB Pick'Em 06/14

Now that the NBA and NHL Playoffs are over, baseball is the only game in town. Sure, you have training camps for the NFL coming up soon, but for actual meaningful games it is MLB and that is it. Alright onto yesterday's results.

Brewers vs Cardinals, pick Cardinals (Game 1) Brewers (Game 2), WON, WON
Braves vs Nationals, pick Braves, LOST
Rockies vs Pirates, pick Rockies, LOST
Rays vs Blue Jays, pick Rays, WON
Dodgers vs Indians, pick Dodgers, WON
Diamondbacks vs Tigers, pick Diamondbacks, WON
Cubs vs Mets, pick Mets, LOST
Athletics vs Marlins, pick Marlins, WON
Orioles vs White Sox, pick White Sox, WON
Mariners vs Twins, pick Mariners, LOST
Rangers vs Astros, pick Astros, LOST
Yankees vs Angels, pick Yankees, LOST
Reds vs Padres, pick Reds, LOST
Royals vs Giants, pick Royals, WON

Yesterday's Picks: 9-7
Guest Picks: 17-11

Monthly Picks: 104-71
Yearly Picks: 526-440

Here are today's picks: 


Athletics (Gossett) vs Marlins (Volquez)

Daniel Gossett is making his Major League debut against the Marlins this morning. He is opposed by Edinson Volquez, who has won his last three starts after going almost the first two months without a win. My choice is easy here.

Pick: Marlins

Reds (Garrett) vs Padres (Chacin)

Both of these pitchers have an ERA over five. Jhoulys Chacin is actually decent at home. Amir Garrett is decent anywhere. I am shocked that the Reds don’t have a better option than him at the moment. Chacin pitches well and Garrett pitches like….. Garrett and the Padres get the win.

Pick: Padres

Royals (Hammel) vs Giants (Cueto)

I don’t care how bad Johnny Cueto and the Giants are doing. They are still a Major League Baseball team until someone tells me otherwise. For that reason I will not pick Jason Hammel to beat them. Giants beat Hammel and Cueto gets the win against his former team.

Pick: Giants

Braves (Teheran) vs Nationals (Roark)

That makes five games in a row I have gotten the Nationals wrong. I figured that would happen. I won’t be wrong today with them though. Roark has been pitching well the last month and always pitches the Braves tough. He has only lost one game against them in 15 appearances. After today it will be one loss in 16 appearances as Roark and the Nationals get the win.

Pick: Nationals

Red Sox (Johnson) vs Phillies (Hellickson)

The Phillies are just awful. Seven losses in a row and the worst record in the Major Leagues by a wide margin. Yet in a surprise I am going to pick them to win this game. The Red Sox are starting a rookie pitcher and the Phillies are starting their “ace” in Jeremy Hellickson. I know he hasn’t pitched well lately, but the Phillies are going to win another game this season. Why not today?

Pick: Phillies

Rockies (Marquez) vs Pirates (Kuhl)

The Rockies still have one of the best road records in baseball, despite losing two straight to the Pirates in Pittsburgh. It has been their offense that has let them down so far, scoring only four runs in said two games. Today they turn it around against Chad Kuhl, who doesn’t have the stuff of Jameson Taillon or Gerritt Cole. Rockies win and avoid the sweep.

Pick: Rockies

Rays (Odorizzi) vs Blue Jays (Liriano)

Once again the Blue Jays get close to .500 only to falter. Yesterday was the sixth time they have tried to get to .500. They are 0-6 in those games. With today’s win they will be back to just a single game under, with a seventh chance at .500 tomorrow. Liriano will pitch well today and the Blue Jays will get the split of this brief two game series.

Pick: Blue Jays

Cubs (Montgomery) vs Mets (Harvey)

Speaking of teams at .500, your 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs!! With the win yesterday they get back to that mark, and are looking to take off from there. They start the road to over .500 baseball with a win today over the Dark Knight and the Mets.

Pick: Cubs

Diamondbacks (Walker) vs Tigers (Zimmermann)

The Tigers have lost four of their last five games and are looking to Jordan Zimmermann to be their stopper as they host Arizona in an Interleague Series. That poses a problem for the Tigers. Zimmermann can’t stop anything. The Diamondbacks hit him around today and win comfortably.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Dodgers (McCarthy) vs Indians (Kluber)

The Indians are happy to see Corey Kluber on the mound today. They need a spark and Kluber usually provides a good one. Today will be no different. Kluber will shut down the Dodgers and McCarthy won’t be able to keep up with him.

Pick: Indians

Mariners (Gaviglio) vs Twins (Santana)

So the Mariners didn’t get to .500 yesterday. After allowing 28(!!!) hits yesterday to the Twins their reward for today is going against Ervin Santana. Not the best consolation prize. Twins win game three of this series, although I don’t think it will be 20-7 like yesterday. I’m saying something like 4-1.

Pick: Twins

Orioles (Bundy) vs White Sox (Gonzalez)

Six straight losses for the Orioles. That streak ends today. They haven’t been scoring many runs, but they won’t need to with Dylan Bundy on the mound. Bundy will shut the White Sox down and I say Baltimore gets the win in a low scoring 4-2 game.

Pick: Orioles

Rangers (Cashner) vs Astros (Martes)

Francis Martes is the best pitching prospect the Astros have. He is not ready to face big league competition however. He will be good in the future but needs more seasoning in the minors. Unfortunately for the Astros, because of several injuries he is being thrust into the rotation. I think he will show some good things today but ultimately the Rangers will get to him and get the win.

Pick: Rangers

Brewers (Garza) vs Cardinals (Leake)

This game is a legitimate coin flip to me. In my opinion the starting pitchers, offenses, and bullpens are all very similar. The Brewers are playing better but the Cardinals are at home. I am going to with the Cardinals to win a one run game. Something in the 4-3 or 5-4 range.

Pick: Cardinals

Yankees (Pineda) vs Angels (Shoemaker)

The Yankees finally lost a game and scored under five runs. That marks the first time in seven games the Yankees didn’t score at least five runs. Also marks the first time in seven games they have lost. They getback over that five run threshold today against Shoemaker and the Angels, and get back in the win column as well.

Pick: Yankees