Countdown to College Football: Day 74 - South Carolina

No picks this past weekend, but the wheels of time keep on turning. 

The Vitals:

School: South Carolina University

Mascot: Gamecocks

Fight Song: The Fighting Gamecocks Lead the Way

Head Coach: Will Muschamp (34-28, 6-7 at USC)

Stadium - William-Brice Stadium (Capacity: 80,250)

Best Place to Eat on Campus: Southern Belly BBQ, yes, that's the name.

Greatest Moment in Program History: 

South Carolina's history isn't a great one. The program bottom in the late 90's with just one win in two years.  Lou Holtz built the program up into respectability before retiring and the Old Ball Coach himself took the program to new heights.  Three 11 win seasons culminated with a Capital One Bowl victory over Wisconsin and a top 5 ranking.  

Current State of the Program:

Steve Spurier lost his touch at the end of his tenure at South Carolina.  Lapsed recruiting and inconsistent effort caused South Carolina to 3-9 in 2015.  Will Muschamp took over last year and scrambled to put together a competitive team with mismatched talent across the roster.  Muschamp is a great recruiter and a renowned defensive coach, if he can get the offense unshackled, South Carolina should return to the status they received in the height of the Spurrier era. 

Predictions: 8-4

vs NC State - W

at Missouri - W

vs Kentucky - W

vs Louisiana Tech - W

at Texas A&M - L

vs Arkansas - L

at Tennessee - W

vs Vanderbilt - W

at Georgia - L

vs Florida - W

vs Wofford - W

vs Clemson - L