NBA Pick'Em 05/06: Playoffs

Morning all, thanks for making it out. This morning I'm flying out to New York. I'm traveling with family and that means my insane father's airport arrival times are fully in play. Flight leaves at 7:40am, why not get up at 4:00am? Ridiculous. If you do the backwards math, the plane will start boarding at 7:05am, you'll want 20 minutes to get the gate after security, that puts you at 6:45am. Security, at worst will take 30 minutes, that's 6:15am. And since we're being dropped off, 5 minutes to get to to the security line, 6:10am. Takes a half hour to get to the airport, 5:40am. But yet it's 4:00am. At least I'm on a 6 game winning streak. 

May Yesterday (5th), 2017 Picks:

Cavaliers @ Raptors, pick Cavaliers, WON
Celtics @ Wizards, pick Wizards, WON

Yesterday's Record: 2-0
Playoff Record: 42-13

May Today (6th), 2017 Record: 

Golden State Warriors @ Utah Jazz

Pundits are being crazy nice and think themselves savvy by saying this series will go 5 games. They're hedging their bets and playing the field. It's a cowards move and disrespectful to the Warriors. They're a great team. A really fucking great team. They're playing loose too. The Jazz are a fun team, a good team, a deserving team, but I don't think anyone besides Houston, San Antonio, or Cleveland can steal a game from the Warriors.
Pick: Warriors