NBA Pick'Em 05/05: Playoffs

Thank you NBA players, NBA fans, NBA ballboys and ballgirls for all that you do to help make the NBA run smoothly. On this day of thanks, on this Cinco de Mayo, I wish to appreciate all who burn the midnight oil to light up my life. From owners who "run" the team to the janitors who pick up spilled nachos, they toil endlessly to ensure we experience greatness. Without them, where would amazing happen? The rude lady at the will-call booth isn't being mean on purpose, she's just sick of people's shit. She wants to give tickets to people who deserve them, not con-artists or hustlers trying to strike gold. That's fools gold. Leave her alone, she's a hard working woman! On to the picks. 

May Yesterday (4th), 2017 Picks:

Celtics @ Wizards, pick Wizards, WON
Jazz @ Warriors, pick Warriors, WON

Yesterday's Record: 2-0
Playoff Record: 40-13

May Today (5th), 2017 Picks:

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Toronto Raptors

In the 2nd game of the season, Cleveland stormed into the Air Canada Center, sorry, Centre, and stole a 94-91 win against the Raptors. Lots of fucking help that is, 2nd game. You know what, I'm not going to hide my disdain. Fuck you, 2nd game, you worthless piece of shit. Get a god damned job, stop wasting all our of time. Sigh, now I feel bad, it's not 2nd game's fault it was the 2nd game, it didn't ask to be the 2nd game of the season. It's not its fault that its a WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT! Sorry, sorry. Thankfully, the second time they played in the Air Canada Center, sorry, Centre, it was a lot further into the season, it was, JESUS CHRIST, IT WAS ONLY DECEMBER 2ND! What is with all these 2nd's haunting my existence? I'm sick of it. Between Air Canada contest, the Cavs also beat the Raptors at home. So that's 3/4 games played before 12/02. Wow, really helps us analyze. Thanks NBA. Luckily, though, the final game they played was the very last game game of the season. The very last. When nobody worth noting played. Fuck me. Fuck the NBA. Fuck analysis. 
Pick: Cavaliers

San Antonio Spurs @ Houston Rockets

The Spurs did some really interesting things to win Game 2. They started Pau Gasol and he did really well defensively. The Rockets will likely be able to exploit a starting Gasol in Game 3, but not to the point that it becomes an issue. I don't think Mike D'Antoni has the testicular fortitude to beat the Spurs in a series. Furthermore, I haven't heard of any $1 concessions at the Toyota Centre, sorry, Center, yet. Still picking the series to go to a full 7 games, but I like the Spurs to take the lead. 
Pick: Spurs