MLB Pick'Em 05/05

Welcome, Mexicans, and Mexican appreciators, to MLB Pick'EM 2017! It's a lovely day to celebrate Mexican Independence from, I'm going to guess Spain. Those Mexicans sure do love baseball. In the northwest and southeast regions, it's the most popular sport. If we're being real, though, they love Soccer and Boxing more than anything. However, there are enough Mexican baseball players actually playing in the MLB that today is a day of significance for the league. The league really takes out all the stops. It's ridiculous. Let's see some of the zany and inspired love they have for Mexican Independence:

...oh, they posted a new Top 30 International Prospects List, that's pretty cool if you're into fantasy. Okay, I actually don't easily see anything on their website. Maybe they forgot. But we haven't! Viva la Mexico! 

May Yesterday (4th), 2017 Picks: 

Pirates vs Reds, pick Pirates, LOST
Diamondbacks vs Nationals, pick Nationals, WON 
Athletics vs Twins, pick Twins, LOST
Rangers vs Astros, pick Astros, LOST
White Sox vs Royals, pick White Sox, WON
Phillies vs Cubs, pick Phillies, LOST
Indians vs Tigers, pick Tigers, POSTPONED
Rockies vs Padres, pick Rockies, WON
Orioles vs Red Sox, pick Red Sox, LOST
Marlins vs Rays, pick Rays, WON
Brewers vs Cardinals, pick Cardinals, LOST
Mets vs Braves, pick Braves, POSTPONED
Angels vs Mariners, pick Mariners, WON

Yesterday's Picks: 5-7
Monthly Picks: 21-31
Yearly Picks: 216-205

May Today (5th), 2017 Picks:

Yankees (Pineda) vs Cubs (Hendricks)

The Yankees and the Cubs both have a lot of young talent on their roster and now they square off at Wrigley Field in what should be an entertaining weekend series. The Cubs are better than their record indicates and I think they will turn it around soon. I just don’t think it will be today. I don’t like the way Hendricks is pitching right now and I think the Yankees will take advantage.

Pick: Yankees

Giants (Cain) vs Reds (Arroyo)

If this pitching matchup was in 2010 I would be a lot more entertained. Now that it is 2017 I just don’t really care. Cain has been good this year and Arroyo has been… Well, Bronson Arroyo. That isn’t a compliment.

Pick: Giants

White Sox (Gonzalez) vs Orioles (Miley)

It is time for me to admit I was wrong on Wade Miley. His pitching this year was something I never saw coming. For the first time this year I am picking Miley to get the win. Let’s see how he does with all the “added” pressure.

Pick: Orioles

Nationals (Strasburg) vs Phillies (Pivetta)

These two teams have already faced each other six times this year. Now they play a stretch of six games in ten days against each other. I’m guessing they will be sick of seeing each other come Mother’s Day. Stephen Strasburg has already thrown against the Phillies twice this year, with no record to show for it. Today he will get his first win.

Pick: Nationals

Brewers (Nelson) vs Pirates (Kuhl)

The offenses should be licking their chops in this game today, as neither pitcher has shown they are capable of shutting hitters down. The only deterrent for the offenses could be the weather, as a lot of rain is in the forecast this weekend. If the rain holds off the bats will shine, with the Brewers coming out on top.

Pick: Brewers

Marlins (Koehler) vs Mets (Montero)

Well shucks. My Mets winning streak was halted at one. I got them wrong again yesterday when I picked them to win. Let’s see if we can get back on the winning side today when I pick them to…. LOSE! With the Mets rotation in shambles they had to bring up yet another minor league starter. I don’t like his chances to win.

Pick: Marlins

Blue Jays (Liriano) vs Rays (Archer)

Chris Archer has cooled off considerably since his hot start, but I think facing the Blue Jays is exactly what the doctor ordered for him. I am thinking seven innings, one run, and 10 strikeouts today for Archer. The Rays win this win comfortably.

Pick: Rays

Cardinals (Lynn) vs Braves (Foltynewicz)

The Cardinals have been hovering right around .500 for the better part of two weeks now. They will go a game up, then a game down, then right in the middle. Currently they are a game under .500. See where I am going with this?

Pick: Cardinals

Red Sox (Rodriguez) vs Twins (Hughes)

The Red Sox- Orioles rivalry is now on the back burner until those two teams meet again, and I for one am thrilled about that. These two teams are whining at each other like toddlers who don’t get their favorite candy in line at the grocery store. Just move on. Like I am in making this pick. Which will be with the Red Sox.

Pick: Red Sox

Indians (Salazar) vs Royals (Hammel)

Still not going to pick Jason Hammel in a game. Wade Miley has earned my trust now. Jason Hammel has not.

Pick: Indians

Diamondbacks (Greinke) vs Rockies (Marquez)

The Diamondbacks have been playing well but I am little hesitant to pick Greinke at Coors Field. I know he is going against a rookie who has struggled on the road. I can’t imagine how he is going to throw in the thin air in Colorado. I am not confident but I am going with Greinke in this one.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Tigers (Fullmer) vs Athletics (Triggs)

I really like what Michael Fulmer has bene doing the last month. He has thrown four straight quality starts and he looks for number five today against the Athletics. I think he will get #5 and the Tigers will start this nine game road trip the right way. With a win.

Pick: Tigers

Astros (Keuchel) vs Rangers (Chavez)

Dallas Keuchel was the American League Pitcher of the month. He is throwing really well right now and I am going to keep rolling with him.

Pick: Astros

Rangers (Darvish) vs Mariners (Gallardo)

The Mariners missed Yu Darvish the last time the Rangers came to town a couple of weeks ago. They aren’t so lucky this time as Darvish takes the hill for the first time against Seattle in 2017. Darvish will be his usual self today in leading the Rangers to a win in the opening game of this series.

Pick: Rangers

Dodgers (Maeda) vs Padres (Chacin)

Jhoulys Chacin gets a break and is not facing an ace. That is the reason I am picking the Padres to win. No other evidence, just a gut feeling.

Pick: Padres