NBA Pick'Em 06/01: Finals GM 1


What a break that was! I don't think NBA basketball has been played since last season it's been so long. And what a season that was, a bunch of no-nothing clowns playing meaningless games while anybody with a pulse knew it would come down to the Warriors against Cleveland in the finals. And now here we are, completely blindsided by having a finals featuring Golden State against the Cavaliers. 

May Yesterday's Yesterday xbillion (25th), 2017 Picks:

Cavaliers @ Celtics, pick Cavaliers, WON

Yesterday's Yesterday xbillion Record: 1-0
Playoffs Record: 58-15

June Today (1st), 2017 Picks: 

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Golden State Warriors

Shit gets real. A bunch of players all playing to see who gets played. This series should be called, "Playas vs the played." I'm just kidding, that's a terrible name. However, I did hit on something kind of interesting, this series doesn't have a true name. There has been a lot of names thrown out there that try to capture that "Thrilla in Manilla" vibe. Lets see, there's...

Three-match (rematch play)
Warriors-Cavs III
The Trilogy

Those are all ok names. A big bash against anything involving the number "3" was the obvious fact that there could be a number "4" next year. Therefore, and I won't three-peat myself, the name should be "Warriors-Cavs III" so that it leaves the door open for "Warrriors-Cavs IV" down the road. Either next year or the year after. If they play four finals in five years, that definitely leaves the window open for "Warriors-Cavs IV." No doubt. 

So who wins this series? No idea. I don't pick series. I pick motherfucking games. Here is what I know. The Warriors are playing at home. The Cavs are playing on the road. That point goes to the Warriors, for we all know about the curse called "home-court advantage" that befalls the road team. Next up, all the warriors interviews look sharp. They are so relaxed and cool, that alone instills a lot of confidence. I haven't seen the same demeanor from the Cavs. Another point to the Warriors, but maybe I'm just not paying attention to the Cavs. Finally, LeBron's house got racially vandalized. What the fuck. Point from the karmatic universe to the Cavs for that one. May the best team win. May the fans win. FInally, playoff basketball at its finest. 
Pick: Warriors