MLB Pick'Em 05/31

Welcome addicts to MLB Pick'Em 2017! Can you believe the lies they used to tell people? Now don't get me wrong, comrade, I like a nice piece of gum all the same as the guy who is next to enjoy a piece of gum, but look at these lies. Long lasting? It's 2017 and gum barely lasts two seconds. Maybe back in the day two seconds was a length of gum chewing they could only dream about? Then look at these next couple lines of BS, aids digestion and cures cancer? Fuck that. No way. No how. Get outta here with this bologna. I'm so shaky with upset nerves right now, I need a piece of satisfying wrigley's gum. 

Post Script: Look at that creepy little codger in the lower left corner. Its mother should have let the winter have it as a baby. 

May Yesterday (30th), 2017 Picks: 

Athletics vs Indians, pick Athletics, LOST
Dodgers vs Cardinals, pick Cardinals, LOST
Yankees vs Orioles, pick Yankees, WON
Diamondbacks vs Pirates, pick Diamondbacks, WON 
Reds vs Blue Jays, pick Blue Jays, WON
Brewers vs Mets, pick Brewers, LOST
Mariners vs Rockies, pick Rockies, LOST
Phillies vs Marlins, pick Phillies, LOST
Rays vs Rangers, pick Rays, LOST
Red Sox vs White Sox, pick Red Sox, WON 
Astros vs Twins, pick Twins, LOST
Tigers vs Royals, pick Tigers, LOST
Nationals vs Giants, pick Nationals, WON 
Braves vs Angels, pick Angels, WON
Cubs vs Padres, pick Cubs, LOST

Yesterday's Picks: 6-9
Guest Picks: 17-11

Monthly Picks: 215-178
Yearly Picks: 414-362

May Today (31st), 2017 Picks: Unfortunately just the picks today. 

Diamondbacks (Godley) vs Pirates (Kuhl)

Pick: Diamondbacks

Reds (Adleman) vs Blue Jays (Bolsinger)

Pick: Blue Jays

Astros (Paulino) vs Twins (Santiago)

Pick: Astros

Phillies (Nola) vs Marlins (Straily)

Pick: Phillies

Cubs (Arrieta) vs Padres (Perdomo)

Pick: Cubs

Athletics (Manaea) vs Indians (Clevinger)

Pick: Indians

Yankees (Tanaka) vs Orioles (Gausman)

Pick: Yankees

Brewers (Guerra) vs Mets (DeGrom)

Pick: Mets

Rays (Archer) vs Rangers (Bibens—Dirkx)

Pick: Rays

Red Sox (Pomeranz) vs White Sox (Pelfrey)

Pick: White Sox

Dodgers (Ryu) vs Cardinals (Martinez)

Pick: Cardinals

Tigers (Boyd) vs Royals (Kennedy)

Pick: Royals

Braves (Garcia) vs Angels (Chavez)

Pick: Angels

Rockies (Senzatela) vs Mariners (Paxton)

Pick: Mariners

Nationals (Scherzer) vs Giants (Cain)

Pick: Nationals