MLB Pick'Em 05/30

Welcome old-timers to MLB Pick'Em 1952! Just kidding, it's 2017! But you may have temporarily thought you traveled back in time when you saw our new column photo. For the next week or two, we'll be running out baseball themed antique advertising. They're not all bad, but I promise you I'll find the bad in them anyway.

First up, some good ol' cancer sticks. Look at all those talented players. Not only are they selling wacky tabacky, but they messed up what "ABC" stands for! It's not "Always Buy Chesterfield," no no no, it is absolutely, "Always Be Closing," from the great Glengarry Glen Ross. et us never forget. 

May Yesterday (29th), 2017 Picks: 

Yankees vs Orioles, pick Orioles, WON
Red Sox vs White Sox, pick Red Sox, LOST
Astros vs Twins, pick Twins, LOST
Dodgers vs Cardinals, pick Cardinals, LOST
Mariners vs Rockies, pick Mariners, WON
Nationals vs Giants, pick Nationals, WON
Diamondbacks vs Pirates, pick Diamondbacks, LOST
Athletics vs Indians, pick Indians, WON
Brewers vs Mets, pick Brewers, LOST
Cubs vs Padres, pick Cubs, LOST
Tigers vs Royals, pick Tigers, WON
Reds vs Blue Jays, pick Blue Jays, WON
Phillies vs Marlins, pick Marlins, WON
Rays vs Rangers, pick Rangers, LOST
Braves vs Angels, pick Angels, LOST

Yesterday's Picks: 7-8
Guest Picks: 17-11

Monthly Picks: 209-169
Yearly Picks: 408-353

May Today (30th), 2017 Picks: 

Athletics (Gray) vs Indians (Bauer)

The Indians offense is finally starting to turn a corner, and with Trevor Bauer on the mound they will probably need more of the same today against Oakland. Bauer is 4-4, but he has an ERA over 6. They keep throwing him out there every fifth day for some reason though. I think that the offense won’t be enough to save Bauer today and Oakland gets the win.

Pick: Athletics

Dodgers (Maeda) vs Cardinals (Wacha)

The Dodgers are playing their best baseball of the season and have now surged into second place, just a half game behind the division leading Colorado Rockies. It’ll be a tough matchup for them today as they face off against Wacha and the Cardinals. I like the Cardinals to win a low scoring affair today and for Wacha to get the win.

Pick: Wacha

Yankees (Severino) vs Orioles (Tilman)

Do I pick the Orioles, who have a great home record at 16-7 and got the win against the Yankees yesterday, or New York because Chris Tilman hasn’t been pitching well? I am going to go with the latter and say that Tilman does not pitch well enough for Baltimore today. Yankees win.

Pick: Yankees

Diamondbacks (Ray) vs Pirates (Nova)

Robbie Ray has very interesting splits. Many pitchers have good home splits but horrible road splits. Ray is the exact opposite. He is money on the road but garbage at home. This game is played in Pittsburgh. That isn’t Arizona. Ray gets the win.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Reds (Wojciechowski) vs Blue Jays (Happ)

The Blue Jays are close to getting to .500 after that disastrous start. That alone is impressive. The blue Jays have quietly been playing good baseball the last month of the season. They are starting to get some players back, including J.A Happ, who is starting for them today. I think the roll for the Jays continues and they beat the Reds in an interleague matchup today.

Pick: Blue Jays

Brewers (Davies) vs Mets (Pill)

The Mets’ Tyler Pill is getting his first start against one of the best offense in the National League. Give me the Brewers and the over.

Pick: Brewers

Mariners (Miranda) vs Rockies (Anderson)

I picked the Mariners yesterday, and my gamble was rewarded as they got the win. Picking them two times in a row against the Rockies is probably foolish. Which is why I am staying away from them today.

Pick: Rockies

Phillies (Velazquez) vs Marlins (Nicolino)

Congratulations to Edinson Volquez on finally getting his first win of the year yesterday. Now the Marlins are sending another pitcher to the mound who has yet to win a game in 2017. Nicolino hasn’t been on the rotation all year long like Volquez has been though, so it is more forgivable. I think after today Nicolino is still looking for his first win as the Phillies get the win today.

Pick: Phillies

Rays (Andriese) vs Rangers (Martinez)

Matt Andriese is having his best season of his career this year, but pitching against the Rangers has always posed problems for him. He is winless in four games with an ERA over 6 against Texas in his career. However, he has never pitched this well and I am going against history on this one. I think that the Rays get the win today and keep creeping over .500.

Pick: Rays

Red Sox (Sale) vs White Sox (Quintana)

Chris Sale against his former team. I’m taking the Red Sox and moving on.

Pick: Red Sox

Astros (Fiers) vs Twins (Berrios)

This will be Jose Berrios’ toughest test so far in 2017. He has passed every test with flying colors so far. I am excited to see how he does today. I think Berrios will keep the Astros’ hitters guessing and will get the win today. This kid is the real deal.

Pick: Twins

Tigers (Verlander) vs Royals (Skoglund)

Justin Verlander has been horrible on the road this year. He has an ERA of almost 8 away from Tiger Stadium in 2017. It would take something drastic for me to pick him away from his friendly confines. Something drastic like going against the horrific Royals offense. I am going with Verlander on the road. Probably not my best idea, but I am rolling with Mr. Kate Upton here.

Pick: Tigers

Nationals (Gonzalez) vs Giants (Samardzija)

Yet another game between two bickering teams. I think what Hunter Strickland did yesterday was ridiculous. He hit two home runs off of you three years ago. Get over it. There is a reason why no one was trying that hard to defend him. Because even his teammates thought it was stupid. Now you are going to have Buster Posey get hit today. That is the “unwritten rule” in baseball. It’s just dumb. In the game the Nationals will win in a battle of shaggy former all stars that have always been a bit overrated in my opinion.

Pick: Nationals

Braves (Colon) vs Angels (Bridwell)

Win this one for the gipper… I mean Mike Trout Los Angeles. He has done so much for you. Your turn to do something for him.

Pick: Angels

Cubs (Butler) vs Padres (Lamet)

I was surprised at how the Cubs played yesterday. They looked like they didn’t want to be there. If any manager can get a team motivated it is Joe Maddon. I think he lights a fire under them and they get the win today.

Pick: Cubs