NBA Pick'Em 05/04: Playoffs

Thank you, Spurs, for not getting swept. Thank you for getting a convincing win. While most "experts" have Houston in six games, I think you'll win in seven. Oh, the Cavaliers did things no one is really surprised about. I miss the days of my youth when you were never quite sure who was going to make it out of the playoffs. Then good ol' days of 2005 through 2014. 

May Yesterday (3rd), 2017 Picks:

Raptors @ Cavaliers, pick Cavaliers, WON
Rockets @ Spurs, pick Spurs, WON

Yesterday's Record: 2-0
Playoff Record: 38-13

May Today (4th), 2017 Picks:

Boston Celtics @ Washington Wizards

Boy, the old Wizards almost pulled one out over the ol' Celtics. If it weren't for that guy Thomas scoring so many gosh darned basketballs through the nets, combined with that other guy Beal missing so many arc shots, then the Wizards could have taken home-court advantage. Speaking of which, they are the ones who are home now. In the regular season, the Boston went 2-0 at home against the Wizards. And in the regular season, the Washington went 2-0 at home against the Celtics. I'm sensing a pattern. The "a-factor" in game 3 will be John Wall. Who is turning out to be one helluva competitor. 
Pick: Wizards

Utah Jazz @ Golden State Warriors

A day may come when the courage of Warrior Basketball fails, when they forsake their friendships and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day. An hour of wolves (verbatim from the text and honestly a bit eerie, since I predict the downfall of the Warriors actually will be the Timberwolves in a few seasons) and shattered backboards when the age of Warrior Basketball come crashing down! But it is not this day! This day they fight! By all that they hold dear on this good earth, I bid they dominate! Men of the West! 
Pick: Warriors