MLB Pick'Em 05/04

Welcome bros and hos to MLB Pick'Em 2017! I wanted to let you know that one of the best moments in any scene of any movie ever is when the President of the United States of America gets on a makeshift stage in Area-51 and gives a speech to what remains of the United States Air Force. He inspires the populace with words of courage. He reminds them that America has flourished when the odds are against them, that they have history of victory in the face of defeat, and that hell will freeze over before they lay down against those alien bastards! 

As stated in the video, we can't be divided by petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interest. Today is the 4th of May and you will once again be fighting for our freedom. Not from tyranny or persecution. But for our right to go A MOTHERFUCKING SECOND WITHOUT BEING WISHED TO HAVE THE 4TH BE WITH US! 

Fuck, it may not be a popular opinion, and I enjoy the movies that feature wars among the stars as much as the next person, but I'll be fucked if the 4th is with me tomorrow. I wish I could challenge anyone who wishes me such a trial by combat. May the gods be merciful. 

May Yesterday (3rd), 2017 Picks: 

Blue Jays vs Yankees, pick Blue Jays, LOST
Diamondbacks vs Nationals, pick Nationals, WON
Orioles vs Red Sox, pick Red Sox, WON
Indians vs Tigers, pick Indians, WON
Pirates vs Reds, pick Pirates, LOST
Marlins vs Rays, pick Rays, LOST
Mets vs Braves, pick Mets, WON
Phillies vs Cubs, pick Cubs, WON
Athletics vs Twins, pick Twins, WON
Rangers vs Astros, pick Astros, WON
White Sox vs Royals, pick White Sox, LOST 
Brewers vs Cardinals, pick Cardinals, POSTPONED
Angels vs Mariners, pick Mariners, WON
Giants vs Dodgers, pick Dodgers, LOST
Rockies vs Padres, pick Rockies, WON

Yesterday's Picks: 9-5
Monthly Picks: 16-24
Yearly Picks: 211-198

May Today (4th), 2017 Picks: 

Pirates (Nova) vs Reds (Adleman)

Here is a crazy stat for you. Since coming over from the Yankees last year, Ivan Nova has more complete games (five) than walks (four). That stat is mind blowing! Now the April pitcher of the month is throwing against a Reds team that has an okay offense but hasn’t lit the world on fire. I am going to go with Nova and the Pirates here.

Pick: Pirates

Diamondbacks (Shipley) vs Nationals (Scherzer)

Max Scherzer is looking to bounce back from his worst start of the season and is facing the right to team to cure his woes. Scherzer has never lost to the Diamondbacks in five starts and I like his chances to keep it going today. Scherzer doesn’t usually have two clunkers in a row. He won’t have one here.

Pick: Nationals

Athletics (Cotton) vs Twins (Gibson)

I think that there will be some fireworks today between these two teams as the Twins go for the sweep against the Athletics in Oakland. Neither one of these pitchers have been very good and both are prone to giving up the long ball, but I am going with the hot club right now and that is Minnesota. I like the Twins to keep it rolling and get the win today.

Pick: Twins

Rangers (Griffin) vs Astros (Musgrove)

Much like the Twins, the Astros are taking it to an American League West team right now. Houston goes for the four game sweep of the Rangers today, and they will get it. They were absolutely dominant the first three games, and I have no reason to think they won’t be today either.

Pick: Astros

White Sox (Holland) vs Royals (Kennedy)

The Royals bats finally showed up yesterday in a 6-1 win against the White Sox, and now they have a chance to win the series with Ian Kennedy on the mound. Kennedy has gotten very little run support (much like most of the Royals pitchers) and I don’t think they have it in them to have two good days in a row. I like the White Sox in this one to win and get the split of the series.

Pick: White Sox

Phillies (Eflin) vs Cubs (Lackey)

Zach Eflin has pitched well this year but has yet to record a decision in his first four starts. He is 0-0 with an ERA under 2, and now he is opposing John Lackey and the Cubs. Lackey is 2-3 with an ERA over 5. I think Lackey’s struggles continue today and Eflin finally gets his first win of 2017.

Pick: Phillies

Rockies (Freeland) vs Padres (Perdomo)

The Rockies are in first place in the National League West right now, and the young starting pitching is a big reason why. Today they hand the ball to youngster Kyle Freeland, who is pitching like a veteran beyond his years. I love what Colorado is doing at the moment and I think it will continue today as they get another win.

Pick: Rockies

Orioles (Undecided) vs Red Sox (Kendrick)

I have a rule. Never pick the team that doesn’t know who they are going to throw the day of a game.

Pick: Red Sox

Marlins (Straily) vs Rays (Andriese)

So far the visiting team has won all three games in the battle for Florida, and the Marlins are looking to make it four for four and split the series. I don’t think that will happen today. I like Andriese and the Rays to get the win and take the four game-two city-one state series from the Marlins.

Pick: Rays

Brewers (Anderson) vs Cardinals (Wainwright)

This was lifted from my picks yesterday. The Cardinals just seem to have the Brewers’ number. Milwaukee hasn’t won a series against St. Louis since 2014, a span of 17 series. They will need to win today to reverse that streak and I just don’t see it happening. Even though Wainwright hasn’t had a great start to the season, he pitches better against the Brewers than any other team. For that reason I am taking the Cardinals.

Pick: Cardinals

Mets (Wheeler) vs Braves (Garcia)

Holy cow I got a Mets game right! Going for an unprecedented two in a row for the Metropolitans and I pick them to…….. LOSE today to the Braves. I still don’t trust Wheeler and with Jaime Garcia you are getting a solid yet unspectacular pitcher. That is enough for me today.

Pick: Braves

Angels (Meyer) vs Mariners (Miranda)

The first two games of this series have been won in the 8th inning or later which means the bullpens for both teams are faltering. I look for the Mariners to get to the Angels bullpen first which is why I am picking them to win today.

Pick: Mariners