MLB Pick'Em 05/25

Welcome compromised agents in the field to MLB Pick'Em 2017! Sorry that our president keeps giving the enemy the upper hand on your whereabouts. His bad. Sorry, dawg. It's not that he wants to see you dead, it's only that he wants to make his friends happy. He's not in gradeschool anymore, he can't give away his pudding cups anymore to make friends. No, he is being forced into giving away military secrets. You understand, right?

May Yesterday (24th), 2017 Picks: 

Twins vs Orioles, pick Twins, WON
Blue Jays vs Brewers, pick Brewers, LOST 
Marlins vs Athletics, pick Athletics, WON
White Sox vs Diamondbacks, pick White Sox, LOST 
Reds vs Indians, pick Indians, LOST
Royals vs Yankees, pick Yankees, WON
Mariners vs Nationals, pick Nationals, WON
Rockies vs Phillies, pick Phillies, LOST
Ranger vs Red Sox, pick Red Sox, WON
Padres vs Mets, pick Mets, LOST
Angels vs Rays, pick Rays, WON
Pirates vs Braves, pick Braves, LOST
Giants vs Cubs, pick Cubs, WON
Tigers vs Astros, pick Tigers, WON
Cardinals vs Dodgers, pick Cardinals, WON

Yesterday's Picks: 9-6
Guest Picks: 17-11

Monthly Picks: 173-144
Yearly Picks: 368-322

May Today (25th), 2017 Picks: 

Mariners (Miranda) vs Nationals (Gonzalez)

Now five straight games for the Mariners scoring fewer than two runs. They will score more than one today but they still won’t get the win against the Gio Gonzalez. Nationals get the sweep.

Pick: Nationals

Pirates (Nova) vs Braves (Colon)

I can’t pick Bartolo Colon with the way he is throwing the ball. Plus, Ivan Nova is pretty good!

Pick: Pirates

Rockies (Anderson) vs Phillies (Velasquez)

Pitchers are similar. Offenses are not. I am going with the hottest team in the National League to get the win and sweep the Phillies today.

Pick: Rockies

Angels (Wright) vs Rays (Andriese)

Nothing would make me happier than the Rays winning today, splitting the series, and getting both teams back to .500. Fortunately I think that will happen as I think Matt Andriese will spin a gem for the Rays.

Pick: Rays

Giants (Samardzija) vs Cubs (Butler)

Jeff Samardzija is not a good pitcher. He is an even worse pitcher when he faces his former team. In his four starts against the Cubs he has an ERA of almost 10. That is uh…. Not good. I like the Cubs to tee off on him again today and win the series against the Giants.

Pick: Cubs

Reds (Adleman) vs Indians (Clevinger)

Mike Clevinger is been the best starting pitcher for the Indians the last month of the season. He wasn’t even on the roster at the start of the season. Now is their most reliable starter. I love baseball. I also love the Indians to get the win today and split the season series in the battle for Ohio.

Pick: Indians

Rangers (Martinez) vs Red Sox (Pomeranz)

Neither one of these pitchers have beaten the opposing team in their careers. I think that will change for one of them today. The one I am going with is Nick Martinez. That is how little faith I currently have in Drew Pomeranz. Rangers win today.

Pick: Rangers

Padres (Lamet) vs Mets (Degrom)

Dinelson Lamet is making his Major League debut for the Padres today. He is matching up against DeGrom, who is off to another strong start for the Mets. DeGrom won’t let the bullpen lose this game for him today, as he will pitch into the 8th inning and shut the Padres down.

Pick: Mets

Diamondbacks (Ray) vs Brewers (Davies)

Zach Davies has had a good May, but he has done so feasting on inferior competition. He is facing a real team in the Diamondbacks. This will be a test I don’t think he will pass. I like Arizona to get the win today and keep rolling.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Tigers (Verlander) vs Astros (Fiers)

This is the anti Red Sox- Rangers matchup. Neither one of these pitchers has lost against the other team. That is especially impressive for Verlander, who has averaged more than a strikeout per inning in his seven career starts against Houston. He gets another win today as the Tigers take a second in a row against the Astros.

Pick: Tigers

Cardinals (Wacha) vs Dodgers (Maeda)

Wacha and the Cardinals stay hot. They continue to get great starting pitching and win again today. Even the game they lost in this series they got great starting pitching. They won’t lose today.

Pick: Cardinals