NBA Pick'Em 05/23: Playoffs

Thank you, aw yeah, thank you, for sticking through that wrecked 1-game losing streak. The Warriors, painfully efficient as they are, made sure basketball fans had no hope of enjoying a competitive game by snuffing out the Spurs last night. The NBA Finals should be a good couple of games. 

By the way, I have a feeling that LeBron threw game 3. Call me crazy, but I'm seriously considering the possibility that he would rather lose game 3, just so he can rip off a ridiculous game 5 in Boston. Ripping off a good game and ripping out the hearts of Celtic fans. Maybe grab a mike and say something like "MVP/#1 seed that" and then dropped it on the hardwood court he just destroyed. 

May Yesterday (22nd), 2017 Picks:

Warriors @ Spurs, pick Warriors, WON

Yesterday's Record: 1-0
Playoffs Record: 57-15

May Today (23rd), 2017 Picks:

Boston Celtics @ Cleveland Cavaliers

As stated above, LeBron will magically get back into his groove. He met up with his inner circle, which just consists of the left and right hemispheres of his own brain, and decided in a 5-4 supreme LeBron-court decision that Boston fans will cry more if he travels to Boston and makes them watch as he pummels their #1 seed into oblivion. I wouldn't be surprised if he breaks protocol, rushes into the stands, grabs some little kid by the back of the head and forces him to watch the final score as the game winds down. Ladies and gentlemen, your unanimous first-team selection and top 3 MVP finalist, LeBron James! Wait.
Pick: Cavaliers