MLB Pick'Em 05/21

Fucking google. As you know. I'm a guest analyst this weekend. I go to a popular search website called "" and type in "mlb schedule". As you'd expect, it pulls up the mlb schedule, as I so kindly asked. Only now, have I discovered, it was a tricky little bitch. Underneath the Blue Jays vs Orioles little box was a lightly grayed arrow that said "show more". I didn't see it yesterday. But if I had, it would have showed me three more games. Great fucking engineering there, google. You punk bastard. I hope you choke on a whale's penis. You made me look like an idiot! I quickly looked at the pitchers, made a gut call, and I swear to you on satanic book of truth that I am not lying when I make these grossly belated picks. 

Oh, PS, my little brother is in town and I have to take him out to get breakfast at Biscuit Bitch. Yummy, sonny. No written word for picks. But we'll see what happens! 

May Yesterday (20th), 2017 Picks:

Royals vs Twins, pick Twins, POSTPONED
Brewers vs Cubs, pick Cubs, POSTPONED
Red Sox vs Athletics, pick Athletics, WON
Phillies vs Pirates, pick Pirates, WON
Indians vs Astros, pick Astros, LOST
Rockies vs Reds, pick Rockies, LOST
Yankees vs Rays, pick Rays, WON
Nationals vs Braves, pick Nationals, LOST 
Rangers vs Tigers, pick Tigers, WON
Angels vs Mets, pick Mets, WON
Giants vs Cardinals, pick Cardinals, LOST 
Blue Jays vs Orioles, pick Orioles, WON
White Sox vs Mariners, pick Mariners, LOST 
Diamondbacks vs Padres, pick Diamondbacks, WON 
Marlins vs Dodgers, pick Marlins, WON

Yesterday's Picks: 8-5
Guest Picks: 8-5

Monthly Picks: 143-120
Yearly Picks: 338-298

May Today (21st), 2017 Picks:

Yankees (Sabathia) vs Rays (Archer)
Picks: Rays

Angels (Chavez) vs Mets (Milone)
Pick: Angels

Rockies (Freeland) vs Reds (Arroyo)
Pick: Rockies

Nationals (Strasburg) vs Braves (Garcia)
Pick: Nationals

Blue Jays (Estrada) vs Orioles (Miley)
Pick: Orioles

Phillies (Nola) vs Pirates (Kuhl)
Pick: Phillies

Royals (Kunis) vs Twins (Hughes)
Pick: Twins

Indians (Salazar) vs Astros (Musgrove)
Pick: Astros

Giants (Cain) vs Cardinals (Wainwright)
Pick: Cardinals

Brewers (Anderson) vs Cubs (Arrieta)
Pick: Cubs

Red Sox (Rodriguez) vs Athletics (Triggs)
Pick: Red Sox

White Sox (Holland) vs Mariners (Heston)
Pick: White Sox

Marlins (Worley) vs Dodgers (McCarthy)
Pick: Dodgers

Diamondbacks (Godley) vs Padres (Richard)
Pick: Diamondbacks

Royals (Kennedy) vs Twins (Mejia)
Pick: Twins