NBA Pick'Em 05/19: Playoffs

Thanks ya'll, for coming out to see who I pick in this hotly contested Cavs/Celts series. The answer may surprise you. Like a magician who's had you focused on his left hand, while his right hand (being quicker than the eye), dresses a rabbit up in a tuxedo. And what is in the breast pocket of that rabbit's stylish double-breasted jacket? The card that you wrote your mother's maiden name on in permanent marker. That is amazing. Which should come as no surprise, because we talk about the NBA. Where amazing happens. 

May Yesterday's Yesterday (17th), 2017 Picks:

Cavaliers @ Celtics, pick Cavaliers, WON

Yesterday's Yesterday Record: 1-0
Playoff Record: 54-14

May Today (19th), 2017 Picks: 

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Boston Celtics

Hold onto your butts, I'm picking the Cavaliers. Then tomorrow I'll probably pick the Warriors. Then I'll grab my groin area and proclaim to all who have surveyed my splendor that I am the big bull of this lick. I'll continue to do this for another 3 games until we reach the NBA finals. Then... haha... then I'll dig deep into schemes and maybe slap $20 on the table of a psychic. Obviously the warriors will be favorites, but have you been seeing the way LeBron has been playing? What's that about? He reminds me of a mother who lifts a helicopter off her toddler. And don't try to downplay that feat by saying that the helicopter was half submerged in water, that feat is still incredible. That's LeBron right now. He doesn't give any fucks. He fears nothing on the basketball court. He plays without politeness or mercy. It's a scary thing. 
Pick: Cavaliers