MLB Pick'Em 05/17

Welcome you lovely degenerates, to MLB Pick'Em 2017! I wonder if that's what the fan club for Ellen Degeneres is called? As you know by now, our introductory images are cycling through the early days of MLB video games. We'll stop somewhere around the time Rodriguez joined the yankees. Graphics got decent around that time and I don't feel like another two weeks of trying to describe the way modern graphics have caught the majesty of Tim Lincecum's hair. However, I do want to point out that in the image above, you can tell you are at Fenway field. Back when I was a child, I did two things well, find the perfect stick to use as a sword and defeat my enemies (friends) in epic neighborhood-wide stick wars, and play video games. Playing this particular game, it was easy to imagine you were actually at Fenway field. So I'd just like to point out how far technology has progressed. No, this isn't a rouse to actually talk about the magnificence of Tim Lincecum's hair. 

It's a rouse to point out that way back when, you took a little bit of pixie stix straight to the brain, laid back and turned pixels into paradise, while today you can do this:








Wait for it...







Almost there....








Aw, yeah! That dude is feeling up that cartoon chick!

Onto the column!

May Yesterday (16th), 2017 Picks: 

Braves vs Blue Jays, pick Blue Jays, LOST
Rays vs Indians, pick Rays, WON
Nationals vs Pirates, pick Nationals, WON 
Orioles vs TIgers, pick Orioles, WON
Astros vs Marlins, pick Astros, WON
Phillies vs Rangers, pick Rangers, WON
Reds vs Cubs, pick Cubs, WON
Rockies vs Twins, pick Rockies, WON
Red Sox vs Cardinals, pick Red Sox, WON
Yankees vs Royals, pick Yankees, WON
Mets vs Diamondbacks, pick Diamondbacks, WON
White Sox vs Angels, pick Angels, WON
Athletics vs Mariners, pick Athletics, WON
Brewers vs Padres, pick Brewers, WON
Dodgers vs Giants, pick Giants, WON

Yesterday's Picks: 14-1
Monthly Picks: 109-100
Yearly Picks: 304-278

May Today (17th), 2017 Picks:

Rays (Cobb) vs Indians (Tomlin)

This is the first game of this series that is easy for me to pick. Probably means I am going to get it wrong. I went against the better pitcher (in my opinion) in both games and was rewarded. Today I think the better pitcher prevails. And that is Alex Cobb and the Rays.
Pick: Rays

Astros (McCullers) vs Marlins (Urena)

On Monday I said statistics show that the Marlins will win one game in this series. After watching the first two games I am throwing statistics out the window. The Marlins are a tire fire right now and the Astros will take advantage of that and get the sweep.
Pick: Astros

Mets (Harvey) vs Diamondbacks (Corbin)

The Matt Harvey roller coaster is back on track today! I do not know which Harvey we will get today. It makes for a fun game but a tough prediction. Call me crazy but I think he pitches well today and helps the Mets avoid the sweep.
Pick: Mets

Dodgers (Kershaw) vs Giants (Cueto)

This is where the winning streak for the Giants ends. There is no shame in losing to Clayton Kershaw. Everybody does it. I think the Giants will play well, but Kershaw is just on another planet. I think he helps the Dodgers salvage one game in this series as they get the win today.
Pick: Dodgers

Nationals (Turner) vs Pirates (Cole)

If the Pirates are going to get a game on the Nationals it will be this one. They are having a “bullpen” game, where they only expect a couple innings from the starter and will get to the bullpen early. The problem for the Nationals is their bullpen isn’t very good. I like Cole and the Pirates to get to that bullpen today and get the win.
Pick: Pirates

Orioles (Jimenez) vs Tigers (Fulmer)

This game is a case of history vs the present. The history is that Ubaldo Jimenez is struggled in his career against the Tigers. The present is that the Tigers are struggling to hit the ball against anyone. This is one case where I am going with history and I think the Tigers will do enough to get the win today.
Pick: Tigers

Blue Jays (Biagini) vs Braves (Foltynewicz)

The Braves beat the Blue Jays twice up in Toronto and now the series shifts to Atlanta for two more. The Braves offense showed up in spades the last two days, scoring 19 runs in taking both games. I think the hot bats for the Braves continue and the get the win today. Also of note the Braves were the only game we lost yesterday. So let’s ride with them today!
Pick: Braves

Red Sox (Porcello) vs Cardinals (Leake)

The Red Sox got the better of the Cardinals yesterday because they made too many mistakes. They committed three errors yesterday in losing 6-3. Now they send the best pitcher on their staff so far this season to the mound. I think that Mike Leake pitches well, the Cardinals minimize those mistakes, and they get the win today against the Red Sox.
Pick: Cardinals

Phillies (Eflin) vs Rangers (Cashner)

Yep. The Rangers continue to beat up on bad teams. And I will continue to pick them to do so.
Pick: Rangers

Reds (Feldman) vs Cubs (Hendricks)

Kyle Hendricks has pitched much better of late. His last four starts he has an ERA of 1.52. That was the Hendricks we saw in 2016, when he lead the National League in ERA. I think Hendricks stays hot and quiets the Reds bats, and he hands Cincinnati their fifth straight loss.
Pick: Cubs

Rockies (Marquez) vs Twins (Santana)

The twins have 19 wins this year. Ervin Santana has 6 of them. I am saying he makes it 7 out of 20 today.
Pick: Twins

Yankees (Pineda) vs Royals (Vargas)

Jason Vargas is the one pitcher I would pick for the Royals against the Yankees offense. He leads the Majors in ERA at 1.01, and has a 5-1 record to show for it. He has struggled in his career against the Yankees though, going 0-5 against them. This is another case of history vs the present. Much like the last one, I am going with history here and the Yankees get the job done.
Pick: Yankees

White Sox (Gonzalez) vs Angels (Shoemaker)

If this game is close the Angels will win it. After scoring two runs in the 11th yesterday to win 7-6, the Angels got their 10th one run win of the season. Since I think it will be a close game between these two teams I am going to go with the Angels again.
Pick: Angels

Mariners (Hahn) vs Athletics (Bergman)

The Mariners sure don’t like to make things easy. Giving up five runs in the 9th inning, already the second time they have given up at least five runs in the 9th inning this year, the Mariners turned a one run lead into a four run deficit. They have no idea who their closer is. Their bullpen is in shambles. The starting pitching can’t stay healthy. This is going to be a rough couple months for Mariners fans.
Pick: Athletics

Brewers (Garza) vs Padres (Chacin)

Matt Garza has started three games against the Padres in his career. He has three wins against them. History repeats itself once again and Garza goes 4-4 as the Brewers get the win today.
Pick: Brewers