NBA Pick'Em 05/16: Playoffs

Thanks for showing up, either for the first time or the last time. Why the last time? Was it something I wrote? Are you envious my fur coat? Jokes on you, I don't own a fur coat, yet. I might buy one, for next winter. Now is the time to buy, though, because it's summer and fur coats are in low demand. Want me to pick one up for you? I'm pretty sure I'll be buying faux fur, since I couldn't imagine being ok with killing an animal just for its fur. My, oh, my, I'm tired this morning. Isn't this an NBA article? Let's go. 

May Yesterday's (15th), 2017 Picks: 

Wizards @ Celtics, pick Celtics, WON

Yesterday's Record: 1-0
Playoff Record: 52-14

May Today (16th), 2017 Picks: 

San Antonio Spurs @ Golden State Warriors

Normally, a Spurs team with Leonard is capable, if not oddly overpowering, but how can we as a basketball community expect the same results tonight? The Warriors aren't the Rockets, they don't have only one alpha who may or may not deliberately quit on his team. They have several alphas, if one may or may not quits on his team, another will rise up to take his place. 

What's dumb about this series is the focus on Zaza. So what if he did take an extra step? It was malicious. I doubt he wanted to hurt Leonard. If he did take an extra step, it was just to make Leonard uncomfortable, because they compete out there. When you're focused and in the zone, you sometimes get overzealous and take an extra step. Let's not drag Bruce Bowen into this. Let's just keep playing the game. Leonard has already said he doesn't think Zaza is dirty. Oubre is dirty. Draymond is dirty. Kelly O is dirty. Haha, just kidding. I don't think anyone in the NBA is dirty unless they're incapable of keeping their legs from flailing into another man's jewelry. 
Pick: Warriors