NBA Pick'Em 05/08-05/14


Daaaaaaaaamn, Daniel! It feels good to be back. I've been gone all week in the Bridgehamptons. Land of wealth. Seriously. Daaaaaamn. Daniel. 

But for reals, it was relaxing. Fresh Atlantic air rolling in on the ready and absolutely zero light pollution. The only problem was not a lot of technology. I tried once, the May 7th, 2017 picks, and after that I resigned myself to my disconnected fate. So now I have a bunch of picks coming at you all at once. I have it on record with my friend, if you really wanna question my amazingness. 

May Yesterday's Yesterday V (7th), 2017 Picks:

Cavaliers @ Raptors, pick Cavaliers, WON
Celtics @ Wizards, pick Wizards, WON
Spurs @ Rockets, pick Spurs, LOST

May Yesterday's Yesterday IV (8th), 2017 Picks:

Warriors @ Jazz, pick Warriors, WON
Like I even need to write a sentence. 

May Yesterday's Yesterday III (9th), 2017 Picks:

Rockets @ Spurs, pick Spurs, WON
Go Spurs Go. Got lucky here. Great game. 

May Yesterday's Yesterday II (10th), 2017 Picks:

Wizards @ Celtics, pick Celtics, WON
Home court go strong. 

May Yesterday's Yesterday I (11th), 2017 Picks: 

Spurs @ Rockets, pick Spurs, WON
My reasoning for picking the Spurs was simple, Harden looked shaky in game 5 and the Spurs play better without an alpha. They form ranks and eliminate you with 1s and 0s. Binary, man. Scary. 

May Yesterday's Yesterday (12th), 2017 Picks:

Celtics @ Wizards, pick Wizards, WON
Home court don't front.

Yesterday's Yesterday-Yesterday's Yesterday V Record: 7-1
Playoff Record: 50-14

May Today (14th), 2017 Picks: 

San Antonio Spurs vs Golden State Warriors

Finally, the first compelling Warriors game since April 10th when they lost to the Jazz. On March 11th, the Warriors lost to the Spurs with Durant, Curry, or THE WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY legend Thompson. Then on March 29th, they beat the Spurs with Thompson (the WSU legend) and Curry combining for 52 points. If I had money and knew a bookie, I'd pick the Spurs in 7, but I don't have any of those things. I don't really think the Spurs will take the series, but I do think it will go 6 games. And could pull out a game 7 win if the ball bounces in their favor enough times. Tonight, I see the Warriors playing loose and happy. The Spurs will make adjustments going forward, stay tuned. 
Pick: Warriors