MLB Pick'Em 05/14


Fuck, you, haters. I'm back from the Bridgehampton paradise of fresh Atlantic air, supportive mattresses, and a dark night sky to bring you out of the dredges and into the warm bosom of attractive graphics.

For the next couple weeks we'll be going through the glory days of baseball video games. From pixel to 3D, we'll see a transformation and it will be amazing. By the end of it, players might even have faces. I see we're awfully close to being below .500 on the year. Hopefully the baseball gods appreciate my retro gaming offerings. 

May Yesterday (13th), 2017 Picks: 

Rays vs Red Sox, pick Red Sox, WON
Mariners vs Blue Jays, pick Blue Jays, WON 
Cubs vs Cardinals, pick Cardinals, WON
Reds vs Giants, pick Giants, WON
Twins vs Indians, pick Indians, LOST
Phillies vs Nationals, pick Nationals, WON 
Padres vs White Sox, pick Padres, LOST
Mets vs Brewers, pick Brewers, WON
Braves vs Marlins, pick Braves, WON
Orioles vs Royals, pick Orioles, LOST
Athletics vs Rangers, pick Rangers, WON
Dodgers vs Rockies, pick Rockies, LOST
Pirates vs Diamondbacks, pick Diamondbacks, LOST
Tigers vs Angels, pick Tigers, WON

Yesterday's Picks: 9-5
Monthly Picks: 82-87
Yearly Picks: 277-265

May Today (14th), 2017 Picks:

Mariners (Miranda) vs Blue Jays (Sanchez)

It appears that the myriad of injuries that the Mariners have had are starting to catch up with them. They have looked awful in the last three games against the Blue Jays. At least today they have a pitcher with Major League experience starting for them in Ariel Miranda. I have no confidence in this team right now. The Blue Jays get the sweep.
Pick: Blue Jays

Twins (Santiago) vs Indians (Bauer)

The Twins have held the Indians to one run in the last two games. Cleveland isn’t going to win many games doing that. Now they give the ball to Trevor Bauer trying to avoid the sweep. That is not confidence inspiring. Minnesota wins their fifth in a row today and gets their sweep of the Indians.
Pick: Twins

 Braves (Dickey) vs Marlins (Nicolino)

We are three for three in teams going for the sweep so far as the Braves try to take all three from the Marlins with a win today. I picked the first two to get it done and I think the Braves will make it three for three. Not necessarily an endorsement of the Braves. The Marlins are a complete catastrophe right now. Braves get it done.
Pick: Braves

Rays (Andriese) vs Red Sox (Pomeranz)

A game where neither team is going for the sweep! The Rays won Friday and then Chris Sale got the win for the Red Sox yesterday. Weather could play a factor in this game, but if they get it in I like the Andriese and the Rays to get the win. Pomeranz is just too inconsistent and I think the weather will bother him enough for the Rays to get some runs off of him.
Pick: Rays

Phillies (Hellickson) vs Nationals (Gonzalez) Game 1:

Jeremy Hellickson is already making his fourth start against the Nationals this year. He hasn’t lost against them yet and seems to be the only pitcher to know how to slow down that powerful offense. I like him to do it again and the Phillies to win game one of the doubleheader today.
Pick: Phillies

Phillies (Velasquez) vs Nationals (Scherzer) Game 2:

In game two the Nationals send Scherzer to the mound against Vince Velasquez. Scherzer is 8-1 in his career against the Phillies. He will make it 9-1 today. Phillies win game one. Nationals win game two.
Pick: Nationals

Astros (Fiers) vs Yankees (Severino) Game 1:

That is right we have two doubleheaders today. This one is special as it is also the day Derek Jeter’s number is retired in the Bronx. It’s too bad they aren’t playing the Mariners right now. It’d be an easy win for the Yankees. The Astros will win one of the games today. My guess is it will be this one.
Pick: Astros

Astros (Morton) vs Yankees (Tanaka) Game 2:

This one will be all Yankees. They will not lose both games on the day they retire the captains number. Tanaka will be lights out as he has been for the past month, and the Yankees will roll in game two to salvage a split today and avoid the sweep in the series.
Pick: Yankees

Padres (Weaver) vs White Sox (Quintana)

Jerad Weaver and Jose Quintana are both struggling to avoid the long ball right now. To me the big difference is everyone expected this from Weaver. No one did from Quintana. Quintana is infinitely more talented than Weaver and will show it today. Weaver allows another 2 home runs, Quintana doesn’t allow any, and the White Sox get the win today.
Pick: White Sox

Mets (deGrom) vs Brewers (Peralta)

Jacob deGrom has been the only thing the Mets have had going for them in their horrid start to 2017. He hasn’t gotten many wins because his offense is putrid, but he has pitched very well. I think that continues today and the Mets score just enough runs to get him the win and avoid the sweep at the hand of Milwaukee.
Pick: Mets

Orioles (Gausman) vs Royals (Young)

Oh Kevin Gausman why do you continue to do this. As soon as I am ready to stick a fork in you, you throw a gem like you did earlier in the week. Now you face a team that has no other option to start than a late thirties long reliever. Alright Kevin, prove that your last game wasn’t a fluke. Orioles win this one today.
Pick: Orioles

Cubs (Arrieta) vs Cardinals (Wainwright)

Much like the Quintana-Weaver matchup, this is a game that is involving two starters that are not having very good years. That is where the similarities end however. These two have had long careers of success and are just in a rough patch right now. Dallas Keuchel went through it last year. Look at him now. In this game I like the Cubs to get the win and take the series. Should be a fun game though.
Pick: Cubs

Athletics (Graveman) vs Rangers (Griffin)

Rangers have now won five in a row against the dregs of both the N.L and A.L West. They make it six in a row today with the sweep of the Athletics. Then they get the Phillies after that. This is definitely time for them to make a move and they are taking advantage so far. They continue to do that today.
Pick: Rangers

Dodgers (Urias) vs Rockies (Senzatela)

Here is the big test for the kid. The 20 year old matches up with a hot pitcher at Coors Field, going against a hot Rockies lineup. I think he is up for the challenge. I know Antonio Senzatela is pitching well right now, but I am going to go with Urias to finally get his first win in 2017 today.
Pick: Dodgers

Tigers (Verlander) vs Angels (Meyer)

Justin Verlander against Alex Meyer. Easiest pick I’ll have all month.
Pick: Tigers

Reds (Adleman) vs Giants (Samardzija)

Maybe what the Giants needed to start turning things around was a 17 inning marathon game won on a homerun by their best player. After winning yesterday they give the ball to the shark looking for a winning streak. I don’t like Samardzija but I do believe that sometimes a special circumstance can get a team going. I think that might have happened for the Giants.
Pick: Giants

Pirates (Nova) vs Diamondbacks (Ray)

The Diamondbacks have the best home record in all of baseball at 15-7. The Pirates are sending their best pitcher to the mound in Ivan Nova. It is strength vs strength in the rubber game of this series. I like the Diamondbacks to get the win today. Not because Nova will pitch bad, but because I don’t think the Pirates will score for him today. They haven’t all season.
Pick: Diamondbacks