MLB Pick'em 05/13

We just can not get out of our own way on this blog. We have a good day, then an average day, then a poor day and are right back where we started. Yesterday was the poor day. Let's see if we can make today a good day.

Astros vs Yankees, pick Astros, WON
Mariners vs Blue Jays, pick Mariners, LOST
Rays vs Red Sox, pick Red Sox, LOST
Twins vs Indians, pick Twins, WON 
Braves vs Marlins, pick Marlins, LOST
Athletics vs Rangers, pick Rangers, WON
Padres vs White Sox, pick White Sox, LOST
Mets vs Brewers, pick Mets, LOST
Orioles vs Royals, pick Orioles, LOST
Cubs vs Cardinals, pick Cardinals, LOST
Phillies vs Nationals, pick Nationals, POSTPONED
Dodgers vs Rockies, pick Dodgers, WON
Pirates vs Diamondbacks, pick Diamondbacks, WON
Tigers vs Angels, pick Tigers, LOST
Reds vs Giants, pick Reds, LOST

Yesterday's Picks: 5-9
Monthly Picks: 73-82
Yearly Picks: 268-260

Rays (Snell) vs Red Sox (Sale)

Chris Sale. Not overthinking this one. Chris. Sale.

Pick: Red Sox

Mariners (Weber) vs Blue Jays (Stroman)

I am a Mariner fan and I have no idea who Ryan Weber even is. Apparently he has been putting up good numbers in AAA and we will see if it translates to the majors. Meanwhile they are throwing Ariel Miranda tomorrow and the next three days after that they don’t know who their starters will be. That is not good… Anyways in this game I am going with the known commodity. Marcus Stroman.

Pick: Blue Jays

Cubs (Lester) vs Cardinals (Martinez)

On opening day Carlos Martinez threw such a gem against the Cubs that people were putting his name in the Cy Young conversation. After literally one game. Now he gets to face them again and no one is putting him in the Cy Young conversation anymore. That being said I like him to pitch well today and get another win against the Cubbies.

Pick: Cardinals

Reds (Bonilla) vs Giants (Moore)

These teams played a 17 inning marathon game yesterday, won by a Buster Posey home run for the Giants. Both of these teams need their starting pitchers to go deep into this game to give their bullpens a break. I know Matt Moore can do that. I don’t know if Lisalverto Bonilla can. That is one hell of a name though. Even though I am still mad at them I am picking the Giants to win today.

Pick: Giants

Twins (Berrios) vs Indians (Clevinger)

Much hyped prospect Jose Berrios is set to make his 2017 debut today in a matchup against Clevinger and the Indians. He struggled last year in the majors but he has been dominating AAA so far this year. He is hoping the magic of Ervin Santana will rub off on him. Santana pitched brilliantly again yesterday in getting the win for Minnesota. I don’t think it will happen today and I like the Indians to come away with the victory.

Pick: Indians

Phillies (Pivetta) vs Nationals (Roark)

This was lifted from yesterdays predictions. These teams have already played seven times this year and now they are playing each other three more times this weekend. The Phillies are only one game under .500 against the Nationals and they are five games under .500 when they play everyone else. I don’t know if that stat means anything or not. I just found it interesting. Anyway I like the Nationals to win this one today and move to two over .500 against Philadelphia.

Pick: Nationals

Padres (Cahill) vs White Sox (Covey)

Trevor Cahill is pitching well. Dylan Covey is not. The discrepancy between the two is enough for me to pick the Padres to win.

Pick: Padres

Mets (Gsellman) vs Brewers (Davies)

I can’t in good conscious pick Robert Gsellman. He has been downright putrid for the Mets this year. I know Zach Davies hasn’t been much better but I still think he has performed better than Gselllman this year. The Brewers hit him hard and get the win today.

Pick: Brewers

Braves (Teheran) vs Marlins (Volquez)

These two were supposed to be the aces of their respective staffs coming into the year. That is probably why no one expected these teams to be very good. Between the two the Braves are playing better than the Marlins. Teheran is also a better pitcher than Volquez. So I am rolling with the Braves.

Pick: Braves

Orioles (Tillman) vs Royals (Karns)

The Royals offense will need to score more than three runs today to help Nate Karns get the win. I don’t think they will. I like Baltimore to win today and even up the series.

Pick: Orioles

Athletics (Gray) vs Rangers (Perez)

Again the Rangers are beating up on the teams they are supposed to beat up on. This is the part of their schedule they need to take advantage of. So far they have and I think they will continue. They win again today.

Pick: Rangers

Dodgers (Wood) vs Rockies (Anderson)

The Dodgers are going against a left handed pitcher today. I don’t think Alex Wood is going to hold the Rockies to enough runs for the Dodgers to get the win today. The addition of Cody Bellinger is helping a lot but won’t be enough to get the win for Los Angeles today.

Pick: Rockies

Pirates (Williams) vs Diamondbacks (Walker)

The Diamondbacks are once again getting hot now that they are playing in their home park, and look to keep it going with Taijuan Walker on the mound. The Pirates aren’t anything special so this is a game that Walker will excel at. He will pitch deep into the game and lead the Diamondbacks to a series win over Pittsburgh.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Norris (Tigers) vs Nolasco (Angels)

These two pitchers have similar statistics this year and yet I trust one way more than I trust the other. Just another thing that is funny about this game. Anyways give me Norris over Nolasco six days a week and twice on Sunday. Norris leads the Tigers to victory over the Angels in Anaheim this evening.

Pick: Tigers

Astros vs Yankees

This game has already been postponed so no prediction today.