MLB Pick'em 05/12

10 games yesterday. 5-5 Record. Two days in a row not under .500. We are looking for victories anyway we can take them right now. Onto the results and picks.

Red Sox vs Brewers, pick Red Sox, WON
Royals vs Rays, pick Rays, LOST
Astros vs Yankees, pick Astros, WON
Orioles vs Nationals, pick Orioles, POSTPONED
Mariners vs Blue Jays, pick Blue Jays, WON
Padres vs Rangers, pick Padres, LOST
Twins vs White Sox, pick Twins, WON
Dodgers vs Rockies, pick Dodgers, LOST
Pirates vs Diamondbacks, pick Pirates, LOST
Tigers vs Angels, pick Tigers, WON
Reds vs Giants, pick Giants, LOST

Yesterday's Picks: 5-5
Monthly Picks: 68-73
Yearly Picks: 263-251


Astros (McCullers) vs Yankees (Montgomery)

All the Houston Astros do is win. After beating the Yankees yesterday they upped their record to 24-11, the best start in team history. I think after today they will have the best 36 game start in their team history. I like them to win their fifth straight today and take another one for the Yankees.

Pick: Astros

Phillies (Pivetta) vs Nationals (Roark)

These teams have already played seven times this year and now they are playing each other three more times this weekend. The Phillies are only one game under .500 against the Nationals and they are five games under .500 when they play everyone else. I don’t know if that stat means anything or not. I just found it interesting. Anyway I like the Nationals to win this one today and move to two over .500 against Philadelphia.

Pick: Nationals

Mariners (Bergman) vs Jays (Biagini)

Combined these two teams have 7 of their 10 projected starting pitchers on the disabled list. Because of that you get a matchup like this one. I am going to say advantage Mariners in this one because they only have one offensive player on the dl in Mitch Haniger, while the Blue Jays have two with Tulowitzki and Donaldson. The Mariners win this war of attrition.

Pick: Mariners

Rays (Cobb) vs Red Sox (Porcello)

Historically both of these pitchers like facing the team they are opposing today. That wasn’t the case in the last start for both Alex Cobb and Rick Porcello however. I don’t have a whole lot to go in that regard so I am going to go with Boston’s high powered offense to win them this game today.

Pick: Red Sox

Twins (Santana) vs Indians (Tomlin)

Ervin Santana just keeps rolling. I am going to ride the hot hand with Santana and the Twins today.

Pick: Twins

Braves (Foltynewicz) vs Marlins (Urena)

These two teams are not very good. Let’s get that out of the way right now. They will be part of a four way battle in the National League East for second place and the cellar. That is how bad the N.L East is right now. To me the Marlins are the better of the two teams in this series so I like them taking the series 2-1. That means a win today.

Pick: Marlins

Athletics (Hahn) vs Rangers (Cashner)

The Rangers are starting to play like the team most people thought they would be coming into the season. They have won three games in a row (Albeit against the Padres) and now welcome the Athletics to Arlington. If the Rangers are going to make a move they need to beat up on teams like the Padres andAthletics. I think they will continue to do that today.

Pick: Rangers

Padres (Chacin) vs White Sox (Gonzalez)

I don’t really know who to pick in this game. Before the season started these were voted to be the worst team in their respective leagues. The Padres are showing why but the White Sox are playing a little bit better than most people thought they would. I guess that will be my reason for picking Chicago.

Pick: White Sox

Mets (Harvey) vs Brewers (Garza)

The Mets circus continues with Matt Harvey throwing today. He either will throw 7 shutout innings or he will leave in the second. Something tells me he will shut down this offense and prove to the Mets that he is who they thought he was. I like Harvey and the Mets in this one.

Pick: Mets

Orioles (Bundy) vs Royals (Duffy)

Yesterday I talked up Dylan Bundy and his game was postponed because of weather. Now he gets to face the worst offense in baseball instead of the best offense. That is a major upgrade. Orioles win this one easy.

Pick: Orioles

Cubs (Butler) vs Cardinals (Leake)

Cardinals. Cardinals. Cardinals. Still rolling with them until they lose.

Pick:  Cardinals

Dodgers (Kershaw) vs Rockies (Chatwood)

Can’t say that about the Dodgers anymore since they lost yesterday. Still going to pick them today though. Reason why is Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw is going for his 20th win against the Rockies in his career, which would break a tie with Randy Johnson for the most against Colorado in their 22 year history. He gets it today.

Pick: Dodgers

Pirates (Glasnow) vs Diamondbacks (Corbin)

Diamondbacks are playing better right now. The pirates are playing worse. Since the Pirates don’t have a distinct advantage in pitching or lineups, this one is pretty easy for me.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Tigers (Zimmermann) vs Angles (Shoemaker)

The exact same scenario as the Pirates and Dimaondbacks. The Angels are struggling and the Tigers are doing what they need to do. The Tigers also have an advantage in lineups and the pitchers difference is too minimal to make up for the Angels. Tigers win.

Pick: Tigers

Reds (Feldman) vs Giants (Cueto)

Really San Francisco? Losing to Bronson Arroyo. Alright you are officially in my doghouse right now.

Pick: Reds