MLB Pick'Em 05/10

We need our fearless editor to come back. Ever since he left us for the greener pastures of the Northeast, our picks have suffered. We need his pictures. His clever intros. His way of making our website work. I am doing what I can but I don't have his artistic acumen. Bare bones here folks. Results and predictions.

Rockies vs Cubs (x2), pick Rockies, Cubs, LOST, LOST
Rangers vs Padres, pick Rangers, WON
Nationals vs Orioles, pick Nationals, LOST
Mariners vs Phillies, pick Mariners, WON 
Indians vs Blue Jays, pick Indians, WON
Yankees vs Reds, pick Yankees, LOST
Giants vs Mets, pick Giants, LOST
Cardinals vs Marlins, pick Marlins, LOST
Royals vs Rays, pick Rays, LOST
Red Sox vs Brewers, pick Brewers, WON
Twins vs White Sox, pick Twins, WON
Braves vs Astros, pick Astros, WON
Tigers vs Diamondbacks, pick Tigers, WON
Angels vs Athletics, pick Athletics, LOST
Pirates vs Dodgers, pick Dodgers, WON

Yesterday's Picks: 8-8
Monthly Picks: 53-64
Yearly Picks: 248-242


Mariners (Gallardo) vs Phillies (Eflin)

The Mariners keep winning games and keep getting injuries. Robinson Cano was the latest Mariner to leave a game early and we don’t know the extent of the injury. The mariners have clawed their way almost back to .500. They get there today with a win and sweep the Phillies in this brief two game series.

Pick: Mariners

Giants (Cain) vs Mets (Milone)

Two weeks ago Tommy Milone was pitching for the Brewers. He was designated for assignment after a couple of rough outings, and the Mets were so desperate for pitching that they picked him up off of waivers. Now he is starting for them in replace of Noah Syndergaard. I don’t envy him. I think if the Giants can beat anyone it will be Tommy Milone.

Pick: Giants

Braves (Garcia) vs Astros (Musgrove)

I am going to go with the upset here. I think the Braves will get the win today. I think they will score a couple runs early against Joe Musgrove and will then hold on for dear life to get the win. I have been picking mainly favorites so far and it just hasn’t been working. Time for some out of the box thinking. It starts here.

Pick: Braves

Cubs (Hendricks) vs Rockies (Marquez)

I was right yesterday in saying the Cubs and Rockies would split their doubleheader. Unfortunately I got the games wrong so I went 0-2 with these two teams. Looking to stave off a sweep myself, I am going to go with Hendricks and the Cubs. Marquez has done nothing to show me that he should be in the Major Leagues. I think he gets roughed up again today.

Pick: Cubs

Angels (Chavez) vs Athletics (Triggs)

I feel like every week I have predicted games between these two teams. I know they play 18 times during the year, but it feels like they already have done that in 2017. The Angels (And my fantasy lineup) hope to get Mike Trout back in this game today. I think he comes back today and leads the Angels to the win and Los Angeles takes the series.

Pick: Angels

Cardinals (Lynn) vs Marlins (Koehler)

Ever since I talked about the Cardinals fluttering around .500 they have won five games in a row. I will pick them until they lose. Knowing the way I have been picking lately, that will probably be today.

Pick: Cardinals

Orioles (Miley) vs Nationals (Straburg)

It figures that as soon as I get confident in Wade Miley he only lasts four batters before having to come out of the game with an injury. I still have more confidence in Miley than I did at the beginning of the year. I just have more in Strasburg. I like Miley to pitch well but Strasburg to pitch better and lead the Nationals to the win.

Pick: Nationals

Indians (Salazar) vs Blue Jays (Liriano)

Everything in my mind tells me to pick the Indians in this one. The Blue Jays have only won two series all year long. They haven’t won three games in a row all year long. The Indians are the superior team. Something tells me that Fransisco Liriano will keep the Indians’ bats at bay and the Blue Jays win another series today.

Pick: Blue Jays

Royals (Hammel) vs Rays (Archer)

After a 12 inning affair yesterday that saw both teams exhaust their bullpen, both the Royals and Rays will look for some innings from their starters today. That bodes much better for the Rays than it does for the Royals. I like Archer to get deep in this game and Hammel to get roughed up. The Rays will get to Hammel and the beleaguered bullpen for the Royals and get the win.

Pick: Rays

Padres (Perdomo) vs Rangers (Darvish)

Yu Darvish against the Padres. That one I will be definitely going with the favorite on. Book it!

Pick: Rangers

Twins (Hughes) vs White Sox (Holland)

I like the way the Twins are playing right now. They are taking the mindset of their manager and are grinding out at bats just like Paul Molitor used to do. They are not there yet, as you could see from their series against the Red Sox, but they are trending in the right direction. I think they continue to beat up on the bad teams and take this game from the White Sox today.

Pick: Twins

Red Sox (Kendrick) vs Brewers (Anderson)

I am reading previews for this game and am looking for an advantage for either team. Kyle Kendrick has thrown one game so far and it was a clunker. I don’t have a huge sample size to go on. Both teams can hit the shit out of the ball so I don’t see a major advantage for either team there. I guess I am going to go with the Brewers because I have more faith in Chase Anderson than Kendrick at the moment.

Pick: Brewers

Tigers (Boyd) vs Diamondbacks (Godley)

The Tigers are playing well right now while the Diamondbacks are not. The biggest issue for the Diamondbacks has been their offense. It was firing on all cylinders a couple of weeks ago but has hit a wall the last ten games. I like Matthew Boyd and think he has a strong chance to win Rookie of the Year for the American League. Tigers win today.

Pick: Tigers

Pirates (Kuhl) vs Dodgers (Maeda)

The dodgers are getting the Cardinals treatment right now. They are white hot so I am going to pick them until they lose.

Pick: Dodgers