MLB Pick'Em 04/09


Welcome all, from the old and senial to the young and in denial, to MLB Pick'Em 2017! Yesterday our picks started out super great then fell apart like a block of cheese, becoming super grate. We do better today. 

April Yesterday (8th), 2017 Picks:

Red Sox vs Tigers, pick Tigers, WON
Twins vs White Sox, pick White Sox, WON
Reds vs Cardinals, pick Cardinals, WON
Yankees vs Orioles, pick Yankees, LOST
Blue Jays vs Rays, pick Rays, WON
Nationals vs Phillies, pick Phillies, WON
Braves vs Pirates, pick Pirates, WON
Cubs vs Brewers, pick Cubs, WON
Royals vs Astros, pick Astros, LOST
Marlins vs Mets, pick Mets, LOST
Athletics vs Rangers, pick Rangers, LOST 
Dodgers vs Rockies, pick Dodgers, LOST
Indians vs Diamondbacks, pick Indians, LOST
Giants vs Padres, pick Giants, LOST
Mariners vs Angels, pick Mariners, LOST

Yesterday Record: 7-8
Monthly Record: 42-36
Yearly Record: 42-36

Red Sox (Porcello) vs Tigers (Norris)

The Boston Red Sox are battling the flu in the locker room right now.  It is has kept a couple of the regulars out of games already this season.  It will be up to Rick Porcello to keep this potent Tigers lineup in control and I think he will be up to the challenge.  Low scoring game here, but the Red Sox get the job done.
Pick: Red Sox

Blue Jays (Estrada) vs Rays (Odorizzi)

The Blue Jays have stumbled out of the gate to a 1-4 against the Orioles and Rays and the reason why is because their vaunted offense hasn’t produced like everyone thought they would.  The 3-4-5 hitters in their order are all hitting under the Mendoza line.  That won’t continue and they bust out a bit of their slumps today and get a victory.
Pick: Blue Jays

Yankees (Sabathia) vs Orioles (Miley)

Last time Sabathia started I went with my gut and picked him and it worked out.  Today I am picking him with my gut, heart, brain, and every other body part.  That is because Wade Miley is awful.  Yankees get to him early and often, and roll to a victory today.
Pick: Yankees

Nationals (Strasburg) vs Phillies (Hellickson)

Both of these pitchers got victories for their respective teams on opening day.  After the shellacking the Nationals took yesterday (Seriously Jeramie Guthrie, 10 runs and only recording 2 outs? I know you were bad. Didn’t know that bad) they will be out for blood today.  Plus Strasburg knows he needs to go deep in the game to save the bullpen.  I think he does and the Nats win.
Pick: Nationals

Braves (Teheran) vs Pirates (Cole)

I like the Braves to avoid the sweep in this one.  Teheran is a very good pitcher, but you wouldn’t know it because he doesn’t get any run support.  I think that today he will just get enough and will lead the Braves to a win in a low scoring affair against Cole and the Pirates.
Pick: Braves

Twins (Santana) vs White Sox (Quintana)

Sorry Twins fans.  You won’t be going 162-0 this year.  After today you will be facing your first losing streak of the season too as Quintana shuts down that offense and the White Sox win the rubber match of the series.
Pick: White Sox

Cubs (Arrieta) vs Brewers (Davies)

I tried to do this in my best Harry Carey voice.  “Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!”  It didn’t sound good. 
Pick: Cubs

Royals (Karns) vs Astros (McCullers)

Nathan Karns pitched in relief earlier this week and it didn’t go well.  His ERA is currently at 54.  Meanwhile McCullers was lucky enough to pitch against the Mariners offense.  His ERA is at 1.5.  I am not saying both of these will stay the same.  But I am saying that I am rolling with the Astros in this one to avoid the sweep.
Pick: Astros

Reds (Feldman) vs Cardinals (Martinez)

Carlos Martinez looked really good against the Cubs on opening day, working 7.1 scoreless innings.  Now he is facing an offense that doesn’t have quite the firepower that the Cubs have.  Cardinals get the win here.
Pick: Cardinals

Athletics (Manaea) vs Rangers (Perez)

Was not a good day for aces yesterday.  Bumgarner, Kershaw, Darvish, and Felix all couldn’t lead their teams to victory.  Now the Rangers try to get back into the win column against Sean Manaea in the finale of the series against the Athletics.  The Rangers are better than what they have been showing so far and I think the Athletics are worse.  It starts to revert to the norm a bit today.
Pick: Rangers

Dodgers (Maeda) vs Rockies (Anderson)

Kershaw gave up 3 home runs yesterday!? I know it was Coors Field but still.  That was surprising.  The Rockies have taken it to the Dodgers in the first two games of the series, and go for the sweep today.  I think that they get it and run their record to 6-1.  What a great start for the new incarnation of the Blake City Bombers.
Pick: Rockies

Mariners (Iwakuma) vs Angels (Shoemaker)

The Phillies scored 12 runs in the first inning yesterday.  The Mariners have scored 13 runs in six games so far! This team was supposed to be built around their offense, and yet they have the worst batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and OPS in the entire Major Leagues.  I don’t think that will continue but they need to turn it around soon.  Today is the day for them to do it.
Pick: Mariners

Indians (Kluber) vs Diamondbacks (Corbin)

Corey Kluber struggled with blisters in Texas.  Now he is in another place that has dry heat in Arizona.  I hate to say this but I think he will struggle with blisters today, and the Indians will lose because of it.
Pick: Diamondbacks

Giants (Cueto) vs Padres (Richard)

Johnny Cueto has the only win for the Giants this year.  After today Johnny Cueto will have the only 2 wins for the Giants this year.
Pick: Giants

Marlins (Volquez) vs Mets (Syndergaard)

Thor on Sunday Night Baseball? I don’t care who he is throwing against I would never pick against that flowing hair in Prime Time.
Pick: Mets