MLB Pick'Em 04/06


Welcome once more to MLB Pick'Em 2017! It was a brutal day yesterday. Our season-high two day +.500 streak was snapped. Our overall record hangs at a perilous .500 mark. We knew the season would bring us strife, but we didn't know adversity would come so soon. 

Oh well, onward and upward. Brush off the ashes of yesteryear and look forward with confidence to the days ahead! 

April Yesterday (5th), 2017 Picks:

Royals vs Twins, pick Royals, LOST
Cubs vs Cardinals, pick Cardinals, POSTPONED
Tigers vs White Sox, pick Tigers, POSTPONED
Blue Jays vs Orioles, pick Blue Jays, LOST
Marlins vs Nationals, pick Nationals, WON
Pirates vs Red Sox, pick Red Sox, WON
Phillies vs Reds, pick Reds, WON
Braves vs Mets, pick Mets, LOST
Yankees vs Rays, pick Yankees, LOST
Indians vs Rangers, pick Rangers, LOST
Rockies vs Brewers, pick Rockies, LOST
Mariners vs Astros, pick Mariners, LOST
Giants vs Diamondbacks, pick Diamondbacks, WON
Angels vs Athletics, pick Angels, WON
Padres vs Dodgers, pick Padres, LOST

Yesterday's Record: 5-8
Monthly Record: 18-18
Yearly Record: 18-18

April Today (6th), 2017

Phillies (Buchholz) vs Reds (Davis)

Clay Buchholz needed a change of scenery and will have a decent year. The nice thing about these blurbs is they can be edited at any time, hahahaha. In fact, by the end of the year, I have a feeling we'll be well above .500 in our picks. Just kidding, we'd never do that. Seriously. Please trust us. 
Back to actual "analysis". The Reds are starting a pitcher who’s first name is “Rookie”.  I’m going with the Phillies on this one.
Pick: Phillies

Royals (Hammel) vs Twins (Gibson)

Let’s see if Jason Hammel has anything left in the tank and can lead the Royals to their first win of the season.  I think he can and I think he Hamwill. 
Pick: Royals

Rockies (Senzatela) vs Brewers (Anderson)

I’ve picked the Rockies all three games this season.  I think it is time for a change.  The Brewers young bloods have been hitting well so far and I don't anticipate that changing in this series finale. They'll win this game and get a series split. 
Pick: Brewers

Cubs (Lackey) vs Cardinals (Lynn) [REPEAT]

I have never been a John Lackey fan.  Even when he was with the Angels I thought he was overrated. Then he got a massive deal with the Red Sox and never lived up to it.  He has gotten better later in his career in my opinion but I still don’t trust him all that much.  I think that Lance Lynn and the Cardinals win this game and the series.
Pick: Cardinals

Tigers (Boyd) vs White Sox (Shields) [REPEAT]

Color me shocked that “Big Game James” is still on a Major League Roster.  He had one of the worst years I have ever seen last year, and yet here he is back at it again.  Until he proves me wrong he is going to be the one pitcher I go against every time he is on the mound.  Doesn’t matter who is facing him. 
Pick: Tigers

Padres (Weaver) vs Dodgers (McCarthy)

I picked the Padres yesterday and they let me down. I won’t be making the same mistake today. Or ever again. The only way they'll ever get another nod is when they accidentally get penciled in to play an exhibition game against the little league world series champs. Jared Weaver is a washed up old hound of a pitcher. He'll be lucky to throw the ball to the plate. George Bush Sr. has a better chance at throwing for a first strike. I like the Dodgers to roll in this one.
Pick: Dodgers

Angels (Skaggs) vs Athletics (Triggs)

To me these two teams are pretty even.  A split in this series would be a great way to prove that point. Skaggs used to be "all that", but then he fell down to earth, leaving his bag of potato chips in heaven. This is a coin-toss game, I'll use my heads and take the A's. 
Pick: Athletics

Marlins (Koehler) vs Nationals (Gonzales)

You never know which Gio Gonzales you are going to get.  I think today you get the bad one and the Marlins get the win. Plus I sneakily like Tom Koehler and think that he will have a good season. 
Pick: Marlins

Braves (Garcia) vs Mets (Harvey)

Oh, Matt Harvey, how I’ve missed you so.  I love to watch him pitch, bathe, and try on slacks. I miss the days of 7-inning, 2-hit gems. Lately it's been a lot of 5-walks by the 4th-inning blems. Either way, he's entertaining as hell and I'll stay true to the vows I took when I selected him in my dynasty league.  I hope he has a full season in him because he is one of the best talents in the game if he can stay healthy.
Pick: Mets

Blue Jays (Stroman) vs Rays (Snell)

This is a match-up of two of the best young pitchers in the American League.  I was very impressed with what Stroman did in the finals of the WBC against a very good Puerto Rico lineup, and I think he will be the breakout pitcher of the year and a candidate to be a Cy Young candidate.  He is that good.
Pick: Blue Jays

Mariners (Miranda) vs Astros (Musgrove)

What a heart-breaker for the Mariners yesterday, as they have have scored four runs in three games.  Where is this vaunted offense I have heard about all spring?  I think they break out of it today and salvage one game in the house of horrors they call Minute Maid park.
Pick: Mariners

Giants (Samardzija) vs Diamondbacks (Ray)

Usually early in the season I pick based on the starting pitching.  This game I’m going to pick based on the bullpen.  Since the Giants bullpen was the worst in baseball last year and has not gotten off to the best of starts this year, I am going to roll with the Diamondbacks winning late.
Pick: Diamondbacks