MLB Pick'Em 04/05


Welcome, valued friends, to MLB Pick'Em 2017! We are still celebrating the well-known fact that we have been above .500 in our picks for two days in a row. We'd stop the party, but that wouldn't be the trademark of the multiple day winners that we know ourselves to be. 

April Yesterday (4th), 2017 Picks:

Tigers vs White Sox, pick White Sox, LOST
Yankees vs Rays, pick Yankees, WON
Rockies vs Brewers, pick Rockies, WON
Indians vs Rangers, pick Rangers, LOST
Mariners vs Astros, pick Mariners, LOST
Cubs vs Cardinals, pick Cubs, WON
Giants vs Diamondbacks, pick Giants, WON
Angels vs Athletics, pick Angels, WON
Padres vs Dodgers, pick Dodgers, LOST

Yesterday's Record: 5-4
Monthly Record: 13-10
Yearly Record: 13-10

April Today (5th), 2017 Picks:

Royals (Kennedy) vs Twins (Santiago)

These are two pretty similar pitchers as far as career stats go.  If the pitching matchups are a wash, the second criteria is offenses (obviously).  I believe the Royals have a better offense than the Twins.  I’m picking Kansas City to get win #1 this season.
Pick: Royals

Cubs (Lackey) vs Cardinals (Lynn)

I have never been a John Lackey fan.  Even when he was with the Angels I thought he was overrated. Then he got a massive deal with the Red Sox and never lived up to it.  He has gotten better later in his career in my opinion but I still don’t trust him all that much.  I think that Lance Lynn and the Cardinals win this game and the series.
Pick: Cardinals

Tigers (Zimmermann) vs White Sox (Shields)

Color me shocked that “Big Game James” is still on a Major League Roster.  He had one of the worst years I have ever seen last year, and yet here he is back at it again.  Until he proves me wrong he is going to be the one pitcher I go against every time he is on the mound.  Doesn’t matter who is facing him. 
Pick: Tigers

Toronto (Happ) vs Orioles (Bundy)

J.A Happ is one of those pitchers that as soon as he leaves the Seattle Mariners he becomes really good.  That is a theme that you will see more than once today in influencing these picks.  I think Dylan Bundy has the potential to do some damage this year, but I’m rolling with Happ and the Blue Jays to win pretty comfortably in this one.
Pick: Blue Jays

Marlins (Straily) vs Nationals (Roark)

In 2015, Tanner Roark was moved to the bullpen and wasn’t happy about it and his pitching suffered.  In 2016, he was moved back to the starting rotation and was happy about it and his pitching blossomed.  I like Roark a lot this year as a #3 starter for the Nationals.  He will build on that strong 2016, and have his best year this year.
Pick: Nationals

Pirates (Taillon) vs Red Sox (Sale)

The much anticipated Red Sox debut of Chris Sale!  I universally like the prospects the White Sox got for Sale (not for this year obviously), but this is one of the top five pitchers in all of baseball, in his prime getting traded.  He has to be jacked to be on a winning team and he will carve up an overrated Pirates lineup.
Pick: Red Sox

Phillies (Eickhoff) vs Reds (Finnegan)

Little known fact about Brandon Finnegan.  He is the only player in baseball history to throw in the College World Series and the MLB World Series in the same year.  That means he has to be pretty good right?  Gut tells me that he is and he leads the Reds to victory.
Pick: Reds

Braves (Colon) vs Mets (DeGrom)

How Bartolo Colon hasn’t eaten himself out of the league is beyond me.  How he is has been a successful pitcher the last few years actually boggles my mind.  DeGrom is another one of the stud young kids for the Mets, and he will sadly (they all loved Colon) lead them to victory over his former teammate.
Pick: Mets

Yankees (Pineda) vs Rays (Cobb)

Is this the year Pineda finally puts it all together for the Yankees? He has been close so many times but hasn’t reached that upper echelon yet.  He has all the talent in the world to put it together.  My belly says he will mix in great starts with some absolute duds.  This will be one of the former.
Pick: Yankees

Indians (Salazar) vs Rangers (Hamels)

Two pitchers that are worthy of opening day status is why most experts are picking these two teams for the playoffs.  These two are both very efficient strikeout pitchers and I expect a low scoring game in this one.  I said the same thing about Kluber vs Darvish, but Kluber had blisters and Darvish just seemed a bit off.  I think these two are ready to go, but Hamels experience gives the edge to the Rangers for me.
Pick: Rangers

Rockies (Chatwood) vs Brewers (Peralta)

I think the Rockies could have an interesting year.  I like their offense (even away from Coors Field) and they have loaded up with young arms on the pitching staff.  This team might be a year away from contention, but I think they will be a fun team to watch.  The Brewers meanwhile, will be fun only when they are on base as they will lead the league in both stolen bases and caught stealing.  That is about it for the Brewers in my opinion. 
Pick: Rockies

Mariners (Paxton) vs Astros (Morton)

You (might have) heard it here first folks.  James Paxton will be the best Mariners starting pitcher this year for as long as he is healthy.  That last part is really the only concern with Paxton.  The stuff and make up is there.  The durability is not.  But he is healthy now so he leads the Mariners to victory.
Pick: Mariners

Giants (Moore) vs Diamondbacks (Walker)

Another old Mariners pitcher is Taijuan Walker.  He usually excels in April and many hitters in the National League won’t know him all that well.  I think he is going to get off to a very fast start in Arizona this year.  
Pick: Diamondbacks

Angels (Richards) vs Athletics (Cotton)

I am very intrigued to see Garrett Richards pitch this year.  After electing stem therapy in lieu of Tommy John surgery, this will be an interesting case.  Before he got injured Richards was becoming one of the best pitchers in the American League.  Will he continue on that track or breakdown again? I will be keeping a very close eye on him this year. 
Pick: Angels

Padres (Cahill) vs Dodgers (Hill)

Because I can’t pick against the Padres in every game this year (even though I may want too).
ick: Padres