MLB Pick'Em 04/04


Welcome again to MLB Pick'Em 2017. After "Opening Day: Part 1" tore our hearts apart by biting us in the face with a 1-2 record, we rebounded nicely with the hit spring-fling "Opening Day: Part 2". We, the proud holders of an above .500 record, now present you "Opening Day: Part 3" (for the White Sox/Tigers, anyway).

April 3rd, 2017 Picks:

Braves vs Mets, picked Mets, WON
Marlins vs National, picked Nationals, WON
Pirates vs Red Sox, picked Pirates, LOST
Rockies vs Brewers, picked Rockies, WON
Blue Jays vs Orioles, picked Blue Jays. LOST
Padres vs Dodgers, picked Dodgers, WON
Tigers vs White Sox, picked White Sox, POSTPONED
Royals vs Twins, picked Royals, LOST
Phillies vs Reds, picked Reds, LOST
Indians vs Rangers, picked Indians, WON
Mariners vs Astros, picked Astros, WON
Angels vs Athletics, picked Athletics, WON

Yesterday's Record: 7-4
Monthly Record: 8-6
Yearly Record: 8-6

April 4th, 2017 picks:

Tigers (Verlander) vs White Sox (Quintana) [REPEAT]

I will be very surprised if Jose Quintana is on the White Sox come August.  He is the next one they should trade as they are in full rebuild mode, and he is a durable quality starter.  In fact I think he wins this dual against Verlander and the White Sox start 1-0.  They won’t be over .500 for long, but hey a small victory here.
Pick: White Sox

Yankees (Sabathia) vs Rays (Odorizzi)

Jake Odorizzi is the next in line of good young pitchers for the Rays.  C.C Sabathia is on his last legs.  My head is telling me to pick the Rays in this one.  My gut, however, is telling me to pick C.C and the Yankees.  When the two disagree I usually go with my gut.  So for no other reason that I am going with the Yankees in this one.
Pick: Yankees

Rockies (Anderson) vs Brewers (Davies)

These are two youngsters going at it for teams that will be relying on a lot of young talent to get them through the season.  The difference between the two is that the Rockies young talent is better than the Brewers young talent.  It will show throughout the season and in the game today.  Rockies win again.
Pick: Rockies

Indians (Carrasco) vs Rangers (Perez)

Another good pitching matchup between two of the top four teams in the American League.  This series right out of the gate is good for baseball.  Two very good teams going at it.  Yesterday I gave the edge to the Indians because of Kluber.  Today I think these two pitchers matchup well so I’m going with the home team.
Pick: Rangers

Mariners (Iwakuma) vs Astros (McCullers)

Both of these pitchers pitch well against the opposing team in this game.  I like Iwakuma just a little bit better than McCullers in this one, which is why I’m going with the Mariners.  Also, look for Robinson Cano to hit a home run today as he loves hitting against the Astros.  The rest of the team might not, but he does and that might be enough for Iwakuma.
Pick: Mariners

Cubs (Arrieta) vs Cardinals (Wainwright)

I loved Adam Wainwright a few years ago.  He was one of my favorite pitchers and he was a bulldog.  He never backed down and helped the Cardinals to great heights.  The same can be described of Jake Arrieta right now.  In the matchup between the current bulldog and the former bulldog I will take the current one.  Cubs win their first game of the year in this one.
Pick: Cubs

Giants (Cueto) vs Diamondbacks (Corbin)

The Giants lost on Sunday because their bullpen coughed up a late lead.  That was a theme for them last year and could end up being a theme for them this year as well.  I don’t think they need to rely on the bullpen on this one as Cueto gives them 8 solid innings and the Giants win this one comfortably.
Pick: Giants

Angels (Shoemaker) vs Athletics (Manaea)

Matt Shoemaker is the pitcher that should be starting opening day for the Angels.  But for some reason they went with Ricky Nolasco instead.  Shoemaker throws game two and quickly proves why he is the best starting pitcher on this staff.  Him and the Angels get the win in this one.
Pick: Angels

Padres (Richard) vs Dodgers (Maeda)

If I remember correctly the Dodgers shut out the Padres in the first three games of 2016.  While I don’t think they will do that in 2017 I do think that they will start the season with two straight wins.  Now that Kenda Maeda is comfortable in the United States look for him to have a breakout year this year.  Dodgers win easy.
Pick: Dodgers