MLB Pick'Em 04/30

Welcome to MLB Pick'Em 2017! If we have readers, then you know this is going up late. If you care, email and I'll send you the timestamp of the picks email I received this morning from our writer and you can verify for yourself they hold true, despite games being played. We are men of honor. What are we without our honor?

April Yesterday (29th), 2017 Picks:

Orioles vs Yankees, pick Yankees, WON
Mets vs Nationals, pick Nationals, LOST
Rays vs Blue Jays, pick Rays, LOST
White Sox vs Tigers, pick Tigers, LOST
Reds vs Cardinals, pick Cardinals, POSTPONED
Cubs vs Red Sox, pick Red Sox, LOST
Mariners vs Indians, pick Indians, WON
Braves vs Brewers, pick Brewers, LOST
Athletics vs Astros, pick Astros, LOST
Pirates vs Marlins, pick Pirates, WON
Twins vs Royals, pick Twins, POSTPONED
Angels vs Rangers, pick Angels, LOST
Rockies vs Diamondbacks, pick Diamondbacks, LOST 
Padres vs Giants, pick Padres, WON
Phillies vs Dodgers, pick Dodgers, WON

Yesterday's Picks: 5-8
Monthly Picks: 187-167
Yearly Picks: 187-167

April Today (30th), 2017 Picks:

Orioles (Miley) vs Yankees (Montgomery)

I think it is time for me to stop the hatred of Wade Miley. He has been effective so far this year and I have to pick with my head, not my heart. I am actually going to pick Wade Miley to beat the Yankees today and the Orioles will prevent the sweep at the hand of the Yankees.
Pick: Orioles

Rays (Archer) vs Blue Jays (Sanchez)

I am 0-2 in this series this weekend, picking each team on the wrong day. I am trying to salvage a game in this series and I am going to with Chris Archer. Archer hasn’t been effective in his last two starts but he is still pitching pretty well, and the Blue Jays offense still isn’t all that great. I think Archer beats the Blue Jays again and prevents Toronto from winning their first series.
Pick: Rays

Mariners (De Jong) vs Indians (Tomlin)

Chase De Jong has the unenviable task of replacing Felix Hernandez in the starting rotation for the Mariners. This will be De Jong’s first career start in the Major Leagues. I think it will end up in a loss. The Indians will be patient and will work up his pitch count and get to the Mariners battered and ineffective bullpen and that will help them get the win today.
Pick: Indians

White Sox (Gonzalez) vs Tigers (Zimmermann)

Jordan Zimmermann has over a 6 ERA so far this year and is facing one of the best offenses in the American League in the Chicago White Sox. Chicago has won six games in a row and I think they make it seven today as Gonzalez shuts down the Tigers and the offense stays hot.
Pick: White Sox

Pirates (Kuhl) vs Marlins (Koehler)

The Pirates are leaning heavily on rookies right now as they look to get to .500 with a win today. They could have as many as four rookies in the starting lineup and a second year player on the mound today against the Marlin. That might bode well for them down the road but they will experience so growing pains this year. That includes today when they lose to Koehler and the Marlins.
Pick: Marlins

Mets (Syndergaard) vs Nationals (Ross)

The easy pick here is Syndergaard. I am a little wary of him right now as he had a couple starts pushed back already this year. He said he felt great after a bullpen session on Friday but he is a competitor so of course he is going to say that. That said a not 100% Noah Syndergaard is still better than a 100% Joe Ross in my opinion. I am going to believe him and he will lead the Mets to a win today.
Pick: Mets

Braves (Foltynewicz) vs Brewers (Garza)

The Braves bats have been on fire the last two games, scoring 21 runs in two wins against the Brewers. Matt Garza will be trying to slow them down in his second start of the season. Garza is prone to give up the long ball. The Braves are prone to hit the long ball. Garza gives up a couple today and the Braves win.
Pick: Braves

Athletics (Hahn) vs Astros (Keuchel)

This one I will not outthink myself. Keuchel gets the win to become the first 5 game winner in baseball.
Pick: Astros

Twins (Hughes) vs Royals (Hammel)

This was lifted from the picks yesterday. I have a math equation for you. Royals struggling offense + Jason Hammel starting = A Twins win. Sometimes it really is that simple.
Pick: Twins

Reds (Arroyo) vs Cardinals (Leake)

This was lifted from the picks yesterday. Both of these pitchers struggle against the teams they are facing today so I can’t use that as a reason to pick a team. Right now both offenses are similar so that is out the window. The reason for my pick today is simple. At the end of the day Bronson Arroyo is still Bronson Arroyo. Cardinals win.
Pick: Cardinals

Angels (Ramirez) vs Rangers (Perez)

I don’t see an advantage in starting pitchers for either team today. The Angels are hitting the ball better but the Rangers are at home. This is a toss-up game for me. I am going to go with the home team and say the Rangers get the win today, and don’t really have a reason why.
Pick: Rangers

Padres (Richard) vs Giants (Blach)

Usually this would be an easy pick for the Giants to win, but with the way they are playing I am hesitating. They are not hitting well, not pitching well, and not playing well at home. That is why they are the only team in the National League not to hit double digit wins yet. I don’t think they get there today either.
Pick: Padres

Phillies (Pivetta) vs Dodgers (Ryu)

Nick Pivetta is making his Major League debut today in Los Angeles. History says that pitchers usually lose their debut. If Pivetta was left handed I would give him more consideration but he isn’t. So I am going with the side of history here and am picking the Dodgers to win.
Pick: Dodgers

Rockies (Marquez) vs Diamondbacks (Corbin)

The Rockies have been playing well for the entire month of April and they are expected to get Ian Desmond back today. That could make that lineup even scarier. Today they matchup against Patrick Corbin, who has had success in his career against the Rockies. I think Desmond gets at least one hit today in his debut, but Corbin and the Diamondbacks get the win.
Pick: Diamondbacks

Cubs (Hendricks) vs Red Sox (Rodriguez)

These two teams have split the first two games of the series in Boston and now they face off in the rubber match on Sunday Night Baseball. I also have gotten these two games wrong so I am looking to salvage a win as well. My pick today is the Cubs. I think Hendricks gets back in the win column and Chicago wins another close game.
Pick: Cubs