MLB Pick'Em 04/29

Welcome ball hogs to MLB Pick'Em 2017! Confused by that "balls hogs" reference? Let me explain it for you! See, baseball is a sporting game that greatly revolves around a ball, a baseball. And a hog is a loving term for a pig or wild boar, which is a creature that will relentlessly consume anything it is fond of, without regard for its surroundings. Therefore, you, reader, are essentially a big-time baseball fan! Congrats. 

April Yesterday (28th), 2017 Picks: 

Orioles vs Yankees, pick Yankees, WON
Mets vs Nationals, pick Nationals, LOST
Rays vs Blue Jays, pick Blue Jays, LOST
Cubs vs Red Sox, pick Cubs, LOST
Mariners vs Indians, pick Indians, LOST
White Sox vs Tigers, pick Tigers, LOST
Pirates vs Marlins, pick Marlins, LOST
Angels vs Rangers, pick Rangers, LOST
Braves vs Brewers, pick Brewers, LOST
Athletics vs Astros, pick Athletics, LOST
Twins vs Royals, pick Royals, LOST
Reds vs Cardinals, pick Cardinals, WON
Rockies vs Diamondbacks, pick Rockies, WON 
Phillies vs Dodgers, pick Phillies, LOST
Padres vs Giants, pick Padres, LOST

Yesterday's Picks: 3-12
Monthly Picks: 182-159
Yearly Picks: 182-159

April Today (29th), 2017 Picks:

Orioles (Jiminez) vs Yankees (Pineda)

What a wild game that was yesterday. The Orioles lost an 11-4 lead and the Yankees won it on a Matt Holliday home run in the 11th inning. I don’t think 25 runs will be scored in this game but I think the outcome will be the same. The Yankees will get the win.

Pick: Yankees

Mets (Wheeler) vs Nationals (Strasburg)

The Mets are always a team I struggle to predict as they usually should be better than they are. I missed this game yesterday with DeGrom getting the better of Scherzer. Now the Nationals throw Strasburg, who hasn’t lost yet this year and is usually good against the Mets. Today the Nationals exact some revenge and even up the series at a game apiece.

Pick: Nationals

Rays (Andriese) vs Blue Jays (Liriano)

It’s always been something with the Blue Jays this year. Yesterday they got good starting pitching and decent run support, but the bullpen blew the game. Wonder how they are going to lose the game today. I don’t have a prediction on how they will lose, just that they will.

Pick: Rays

White Sox (Holland) vs Tigers (Fulmer)

Both of these starting pitchers have performed well to start the year. Derek Holland has been a revelation for the White Sox and if he can stay healthy Chicago got one of the steals of free agency this past offseason. Fulmer has had four quality starts in four games this year. I like both of these pitchers but I like Fulmer just a little bit more.

Pick: Tigers

Reds (Arroyo) vs Cardinals (Leake)

Both of these pitchers struggle against the teams they are facing today so I can’t use that as a reason to pick a team. Right now both offenses are similar so that is out the window. The reason for my pick today is simple. At the end of the day Bronson Arroyo is still Bronson Arroyo. Cardinals win.

Pick: Cardinals

Cubs (Lackey) vs Red Sox (Wright)

I did not expect Jake Arrieta to go out and allow five runs in the first inning yesterday. That is something I would have predicted Lackey to do today. Lackey faces his former team in Fenway Park, trying to even the series for the Cubs. He will not be successful. I think the Red Sox hit him around today and win the series against the World Series Champs.

Pick: Red Sox

Mariners (Gallardo) vs Indians (Salazar)

The Mariners have won three games in a row since they lost Felix Hernandez and Mitch Haniger to injuries on Tuesday. That steak will not reach four games as Gallardo will not be able to contain this Indians offense. I do like what I am seeing from this team but I just can’t see it continuing today.

Pick: Indians

Braves (Garcia) vs Brewers (Nelson)

Garcia has a lot of experience pitching against the Brewers from his days with St. Louis. He usually beats them too. I don’t think he will today though. Something about this Brewers offense is just calling to me to pick them to win. Maybe it is the fact they lead baseball in extra base hits. Yeah, that is probably it.

Pick: Brewers

Athletics (Triggs) vs Astros (Musgrove)

The Houston Astros are finally getting healthy and that should be a frightening sight for the Athletics today. Jose Altuve and George Springer should both be back in the lineup today against Andrew Triggs. That lift alone will be enough for the Astros to get the win today.

Pick: Astros

Pirates (Nova) vs Marlins (Straily)

The Pirates offense really showed up yesterday in getting to the Marlins for a 12-2 win. Now they are sending arguably their best pitcher to the mound in Ivan Nova. Nova has never faced the Marlins and I think that is advantage pitcher. I like the Pirates to continue to stay hot and win again today.

Pick: Pirates

Twins (Hughes) vs Royals (Hammel)

I have a math equation for you. Royals struggling offense + Jason Hammel starting = A Twins win. Sometimes it really is that simple.

Pick: Twins

Angels (Chavez) vs Rangers (Darvish)

I am pretty sure that I have picked Yu Darvish in every start so far this year. He hasn’t pitched like one of those guys I should be doing that with. That is why I am going to go with the Angels today, even though I now expect Darvish to throw seven innings and strike out ten while not allowing a run. That is just the way the world works.

Pick: Angels

Rockies (Anderson) vs Diamondbacks (Greinke)

Tyler Anderson is part of the youth starting pitching movement for the Rockies. While the other pitchers are doing well, Anderson is struggling to find his groove so far in the young season. This is not the team you want to face when you are still looking to get comfortable. The Diamondbacks are really good at keeping pitchers uncomfortable and they will do that to Anderson today to get the win.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Padres (Chacin) vs Giants (Cain)

Jhoulys Chacin has to be breathing a sigh of relief to “only” be pitching against Matt Cain today. Cain has been throwing well for the Giants this year but he pales in comparison to who Chacin has had to throw against so far this year. Chacin already beat the Giants once this year and that was pitching against Madison Bumgarner. He will make it two for two today against Cain.

Pick: Padres

Phillies (Eflin) vs Dodgers (McCarthy)

Brandon McCarthy has been the beneficiary of some solid run support this year and that is a big reason why he is 3-0. Now he is facing a Phillies team that is throwing Zach Eflin, a right handed pitcher. The Dodgers struggle against lefties but they usually crush righties. I am going with the Dodgers to win this game and win easy. Something like 7-3.

Pick: Dodgers